Pyronix Sterling 10 Bell Strobe/Sounder install?

Hi all,

I've just received my 6-zone Konnected v2 and am starting to look at hooking it all up. I think the PIR sensors will be straightforward enough, but I'm struggling to get my head around how to wire-up the strobe/sounder.

It's a UK Pyronix Belle sounder which has 5 wires (shown in picture), which are wired to the control board as follows:

  • Bell-  >  Bell-
  • Bell+  >  Bell+
  • Bell Alarm/Trigger  >  Bell NO
  • Strobe Alarm/Trigger  > Strobe NO
  • Bell Tamper  >  Bell Tamper

Obviously, Bell- and Bell+ should go to Aux- and Aux+ respectively.

Bell and Strobe Alarm/Trigger are currently connected to "Bell NO" and "Strobe NO" on the existing Pyronix Sterling 10 alarm board.

On the Sterling alarm board it also has connectors for Bell Common and Strobe Common. These don't get wired to the sounder, but are wired back to the Bell- connector on the board, meaning I guess that Bell Common and Strobe Common are negative. 

From that, I take it that Bell NO and Strobe NO should be switched positive, but there's only a switched negative on the Konnected?

Is there a way to get this working ok?

I believe it is possible to change the polarity on the Bell Sounder from the default of Negative Applied to Positive Applied - would that do what I need?

@derek4 I know this is an old post, but did you figure this one out? I’m considering getting a Pyronix sounder to use with my Konnected board, and would like to know how best to wire it up.

Sorry, no, never got around to sorting it…

No worries. I’ve started reading the manuals and think I’ve got it sorted.

I’ve got a Pyronix Deltabell E which does seem to need switched negative. I think it’s the case on yours too, to be honest. That’s the way I understand it anyway!

I can try to help if you maybe have a link to a schematic, wiring diagram or photo of the terminals. Also check out this article for some wiring advice: Wiring a Siren: UK version