Pyronix Euro 46 with Konnected Alarm Panel Interface Module?

I have a wired Pyronix Euro 46 and would like to keep the existing keypad / alarm bell setup, while upgrading with some Home Assistant integration via Konnected board. I was planning to get a Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE Module + Konnected Alarm Panel Pro

Does anyone have experience with this type of alarm panels? Will Konnected work with Pyronix?

Thank you!

Hi Milos

I have just purchased a 6 zone interface kit for my Euro 46-based alarm.

Did you get anywhere with your project?

I have a couple of questions.

I do know the Engineer code so will use this and enter the engineer mode before opening the control panel.

When I remove the battery connections and then cut the power to the alarm, will all the programming already setup be saved?

I dont want to have to callout our maintenance firm after fitting the interface kit.

I think the programming will be saved without power but wanted to check.

Also when I cut all the power to the alarm (mains and battery) will the external sounder go off?

If so how can I avoid this?

 Hi Nigel,

My house renovation took a bit longer so I still didnt have a chance to fully test this, but yeah, I did manage to get the basic setup working a few weeks ago.

Note that there are two codes from what I remember, one is the "Engineer code" and the other is a sort of administration code. I cant remember all the details, but for some reason I also needed the second one at some point.

The savings should persist even when the power is fully out

Regarding the sounder - it depends which sounder you got and how it was set up. There are some sounders that have their own battery, and this might trigger them, but I am not sure. For this very reason I decided not to put a battery in my sounder, as I thought it would just be a hassle to maintain (and provides very little in terms of additional protection).

Sorry, I'm not an expert, but for what it's worth, after reading the Euro 46 manuals (both the User and Installation ones) several times and after a bit of trial-and-error I was able to set it up.

Good luck!

Hi, im looking to do the same

Any chance you have any pics to show how and where everything was connected


Hello Nial,
I’ve attached the schematics. Some of it is in Serbian, sorry about that :slight_smile: Hopefully it helps.


Povezivanje.pdf (95.5 KB)

I’m also interested in connecting to the Pyronix Euro 46.

I can’t see any of the aforementioned schematics to connect up and would appreciate some help.

I’m also interested in any material regarding any serial protocol this system uses.

Many thanks in advance!

I’ve updated’s post and restored the attachment.