Ade Optima Compact External Siren and External Bell connection


I have received my Konnected board and am happy with all the zone connections, however, as a user based in the UK, I've found the siren wiring confusing. I looked at the following page:

unfortunately this page does not have the correct labels for my setup. I have an Ade Optima Compact alarm and the external siren/bell connections are marked up as such:

T =Strobe- (manual says -ve tamper return)

A =Strobe+ (manual says -ve supply 0V)

D = Bell+ (manual says +ve supply 12V)

B=Bell- (manual says -ve sounder trigger)

Could someone with the same/similar panel in the UK or EU tell me which of the TADB connections should be connected to which of the Alarm/Aux connections on the Konnected board please? I don't want to try trial and error as I am worried I may damage something.



I just realised the Strobe connection is additional/seperate to the TADB external sounder connections, the manual states:

Terminal 19 (marked as Strobe+ on the Ade alarm ) is +ve

Terminal 20 (marked as Strobe= on the Ade alarm) is switched -ve

I do not have a wire connected to the Strobe+ (terminal 19) only the Strobe- (terminal 20).

Prior to installing the Konnected board, both the external sounder/bell and external strobe both go off in an alarm condition and also for 20 minutes when their is a total loss of power (external bell/strobe must have a backup battery installed up there).

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I have exactly the same system.  Did you have any success?  

I was never able to solve the problem.