Pro board upgrade 30 zones

Just finished wiring, now on to setup and programming.

Clean install, very nicely done.  You may need/want to spread your boards apart more to allow more room for installation of your contact wires.  I like what you did with your power...Question though, can the battery backup handle three Pro boards?

Pic was taken immediately after install. Wires are all there for the zones. Zoom in. As for power, no. Single battery cannot back it all up. Also, I needed to supply separate power to each board to ensure all glass breaks powered properly. I have temporarily plugged in all the power supplies and am searching for outlet strip which will fit well. I’ll take after photo when complete.

Nice George, yeah now I see you ran the wires behind each board, I assume you have slack in your wires for any future troubleshooting.  I bought a few of the battery backups myself, only to replace them with a UPS.  I will be soon replacing Gen 1 boards with this Pro...Have been really enjoying the Konnected system these last few years...

One more question though, were you able to set a Static IP on the boards?  Not a Static MAC Mapping (Reserved) IP from your router?  I am a bit concerned if we cannot set a Static IP on the device itself, it is not good for a device to be dependant on a Router/DHCP Server for it's IP, especially an Alarm System.

This setup replaced the wifi boards. I have not yet dedicated the IPs but I can. I don’t use the cable company equipment. Have Araknis router and POE managed switching. House has dedicated IP and all routing is managed by my equipment. At the moment, temporarily, there is single ethernet going to managed netgear switch feeding the three boards. Next step, after power is finalized, will be dedicated from POE switch which is on UPS. Will still keep power but have POE backup. At that point I will dedicate IPs and put them in a priority bucket. I plan to use old wifi and gen 1 boards for local water detectors. Can power just a zone or two and have wifi for just that simple zone.

Found out from support this board does not support Static IPs, your router has to assign the IP via DHCP server, you can create a static map/reserved IP via the MAC address of the Pro board but you Cannot set a Static IP on the Pro board itself.  I am not happy with this...It is not good to have a device dependent on a router, poorly designed, in my opinion.

Nice work, 

may I know what happen if wifi/router/hub goes down? How the 3 boards can speak together?