Back-up Supply Option with Pro

I was just looking at the Pro version which is POE capable and a thought came:

This would mean that if you had ROUTER on a back-up supply, then the Konnected Pro would also be powered via this, should the AC Power go off. So a single back-up supply gives you back-up for both 


Our system just came through the Texas snowstorm of 2021.  I have my 7800mAh battery supplying power to both my Konnected system and an 8 port Netgear switch.   (I have my cable modem on a separate UPS as it is in another room.)  I use a USB to 1/8 inch plug to power the switch and the provided connector to power the Konnected system.  Neither device went down even with the power being out for 5 hours.  I do have a 2.5 amp charger on the supply side so it recharges pretty quickly.  


For battery backup I went with the Konnected battery, eventually getting three (one for router, one for modem, one for the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro itself).  They are in different locations.  I’m not doing PoE, this way I get full 2.5 amp power at the board.

I purchased Mike’s MBMount 2x Pro enclosure in case I expand my system to a second board (I’m maxed out after moving all the wired sensors from the old defunct system I replaced).  For now the battery hangs in the unused space.  I mounted the enclosure sideways (vertical) to fit better where it is located, and this way the Battery hangs on a nail properly in the upright position. 

The attached photo is before wiring, so I could visualize the layout.  I added a 12-slot HO Train bus for each 4-wire zone to attach red and black, which is neater than running all those individual zone power wires to the AUX screws on the Konnected Pro board. The HO board’s wires go to AUX and 12v+. (Also I have a relay going into the space above the battery).

The layout before wiring (could not attach above):


Hey Robert,

that second board you have on the left looks handy. I had trouble getting all my wires into the power terminals. Where did you get that?


I found the HO train board shown on the left side on Amazon.  “ PCB007 1X 12 Position Power Distribution Board 2 Inputs 2 x 13 Outputs…”