Pressure sensor - pool application

I already have a Hayward Omnipool and substantial automation, but I’m seeking to add the following via Konnected board

  • Air temp
  • Water temp
  • Pump temp
  • Pump/filter pressure
  • equipment tamper (door open)

I’m good with approach and plans for the temperatures for the most part. My question is the pump pressure monitor. I want to read real time values 0-60 PSI. But what do I do for the signal type in Konnected? it’s not switch, door, window, fire, nor temperature…

Alternatively, a simple zwave Pressure sensor for Smarththings or HomeAssistant is sought out as well.

One possible way to do this would be to use a transducer to measure the pressure by varying a voltage output. With the analog voltage output, you could customize an ESPHome firmware for the Konnected panel using the ADC component to convert that relative voltage measurement into a PSI reading.

This is not something that we officially support but it should work in theory and sounds like a fun project! Let us know how it works out.

Thanks @nate. I can lay hands on a wide variety of water proof, harsh environment wired pressure sensors. I was leaning to an ESPHOme / ESP8266 approach, but may have too. I may end up using a Fibaro Implant. I was really hoping I could some how leverage Konnected.

I take it from your response there’s no forseeable options for pressure display?

Hey @nate … I was just looking at the Konnected experience (Konnected via HomeAssistant or Smarthings). If you provide temperature visibility, now, and I can trigger off of temp values in homeautomation (e.g. turn a fan or light on or off).

It seems it would be super easy to add a pressure as a type (PSI/mg) for the same purpose. I know you don’t define a sensor for it now, but again I think there’s a ton of upside here.

Potential uses that enable purchasers/users:

  • Pool filter pressure
  • water line pressure
  • home heating (steam) pressure
  • boiler pressure
  • parking/occupancy (bed, chairs occupied, mat sensors (e.g. someones stepped somewhere I don’t want them), car parked somewhere
  • lots of other options if we think about it…

It just seems the parts are already there for a 0-5v or 0-10V signal of any sort with user definable units and min or max…

e.g. if temp rises to over 125F - I’d want my system to alarm (attic or storage room)
if pressure rises to over 52 PSI - system alarms.

Love Konnecteds… just trying to figure a way…
I guess I could always try a pressure sensor to an input and treat temp units as pressure… it’s just a display thing potentially…

Thanks for entertaining my ramblings

It can be done, for sure. It’s dependent on the protocol or output type of the sensor though. What’s the particular sensor that you’re wanting to use?

Something like this. MOst filters already have a 1/4 brass female fitting for oil filled pressure gauges… so a simple brass T or replacement … voila

Option 1

Option 2

It sounds like 0-20 PSI is “typical”.
My current analog/dumb gauge goes to 60 psi

pool pressures

Ok these both use a 0.5V~4.5V linear voltage output to indicate the pressure. This should work with the ADC component in ESPHome and can be displayed as pressure readings in Home Assistant as I mentioned before. It can be done with a few lines of ESPHome configuration and should be usable on zones 7-12 on the Alarm Panel Pro.

However, see the note here about the usable voltage range. You may not get accuracy at the higher end of the range above ~3V so choose a sensor range accordingly.

You can do this yourself by customizing your ESPHome build for the Alarm Panel Pro, or contact me directly if you want to talk about custom development services.

awesome. Thanks. agreed on the range. I was just looking at the Pro…
Question: What’s the white mesh square in the middle of that?

I already have 4 of the Konnected Alarm Panels. Got two of them spare and all housed in my old alarm box (ATT).

It’s a RF shield covering some of the components.

Those are based on the ESP8266 which should work too, but the ADC pin is not available on any of the screw-terminal zones. If you were handy at soldering you could probably make it work by soldering the signal output directly to the ESP’s pin. You would need to use the Alarm Panel Add-on board with the 5V output pin to source power for the sensor.

Since I have to put a unit out side and will likely be adding another sensor or two (two temps and a control box door open switch, I’ll likely just put one out by the equipment.
When is the next sale on a Pro :slight_smile: or do you wanna trade two unused new white door controller for a Pro :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m making some progress here. I think I have the yaml code I want to modify the sensor, but I can’t figure out how to ovreride or delete the ADC A0 zone from the default chip load. I’m running the Konnected burner for an ESP32, I can get it in Home Assistant and ESPHome.

Just need to figure on how /where to disable zone9

@stevecampbell use the “Extended Configuration” as described in this article and just delete the zone9.yaml package and define it yourself: ESPHome Customization on the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro

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Getting close… got the zones I want, but can’t get the ADC sensor built right