Connecting a Temperature & Humidity sensor

Can you connect a Temperature & Humidity sensor to the Konnected Security panel? If so how do you connect it?


I've been successful using AM2302 DHT22 Sensors to monitor Temperature and Humidity. 

The sensor requires VCC, GND and DAT connections. The VCC is a 5VDC and GND are found on the Konnected board and the DAT is a connection to a Zone on the Konnected board. The attached pictures should provide the information you need and are configured as follows: 

DHT22 Pin                  Konnected Pin

   GND  <--- Black ---> GND       

   VCC   <--- Red ----->  +5V

    DAT   <--- Brn ------> Zone 1





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Hi Greg,

Thanks for the above wiring pictures. Do you know whether the humidity sensor can be powered by an external 5v power supply rather than the Konnected board?

Thank you!



I haven’t attempted using an independent power supply but would suspect it should work. I’d give it a try and see. BTW the temperature sensor DHT22 can be powered with from 3.3 to 6 volts DC.



I haven’t attempted using an independent power supply but would suspect it should work. I’d give it a try and see. BTW the temperature sensor DHT22 can be powered with from 3.3 to 6 volts DC.


Can the board be installed remotd away from the panel?  Say 50 feet?


Mounting the temperature sensor remotely shouldn’t be a problem. There will be a voltage drop of the DC power in 50 foot of wire. But if you have a 5vdc power supply it should have more than adequate capacity to power to run the DHT22 sensor which can handle voltages as low as 3volts.


I’ve attempted to power a dht22 from an independent source and had no luck.
Works fine on the security panel aux board but there isn’t a 5v source on the main board. I’m using my two boards in separate locations and would like to be able to run sensors like these on both.
Any suggestions?
Also would like to be able to use multiple sensors like these. Can the single 5v source support multiple sensors?

Hi, How do  I  connect a high temp sensor to Konnected board. I am using the regular temp sensor DHT 22. If so what type of a sensor can I connect. This is mainly to detect high heat in case if the stove was left unattended. I purchased PZW Pt 100 which comes with three wire but no instructions.

Update :- I understand it requires an amplifier. I found an amplifier (Adafruit MAX 31865) it has Arduino DHT in the repository. Does any one know that  a DHT that would work with Konnected firmware?. Or can I use ST_Anything DHT?

I’m not familiar with the sensor you identified (PZW PT100). I’ve used the inexpensive DHT22 with a temperature range of
-40 to +80 Deg C / -40 to 176 Deg F. It is a three wire sensor that I’ve shown connected to a Konnected board in another post in this thread and has a supporting device driver built into the Konnect software.

@greg, Thanks for the reply. I am currently using the DHT22 but I need a high temp sensor.( Pt 100-1000.) Konnected firmware does not support that. I understand that I can use the  ST_Anywhere with the Arduino UNO .

Hello,   i currently have the Konnected Alarm panel with the Ad-On Board.  I now ordered 3 Temp / Humidity sensors.   Based on your above pics i can only connect 1 temp sensor to the Ad-on Board. 

Can you please let me know how i can connect 2 additional sensors?   

Will i need more Ad-On boards?  

Can i add a sensor to the original Alarm Panel? 

cant seem to find any installation instructions on  


A single add-on board can accommodate upto six individual sensors. In your configuration you will need to connect each of the temp/humidity sensors DAT pins to one of the Konnected Add-on board zones (eg Zone 1, 2, 3). Next you will need to connect the temp/humidity sensors VCC pins to a +5v DC source and the GND pins to a GND pin on the add-on board.
Just replicate the configuration shown in the pictures I posted earlier. The go into the SmartThings app > Marketplace > SmartApps > My Apps > Konnected > then add configure three zones as Temperature/Humidity sensors. (See Attached Pic).
Good luck,

As for the single 5v and ground output on the add on board, I ran into this same issue at first, but after some research the 5v and ground pins can easily support multiple sensors, you will just need to make yourself an splitter cable to give yourself more room to plug in your additional sensors .

As for the main boards, there is not a convenient way to grab a 5v power source… one way would be to tap into your 12v input and add a 12v to 5v buck converter to power your sensor. Or grab yourself a power supply that has both a 12v and 5v output, in either case just be careful not to mix up your inputs.

Amazon is a great source if your needing your items in a timely manner. However, if your whiling to wait a couple of weeks I’ve found AliExpress to be a reliable supplier. I’ve attached a screenshot of a 12v to 5v step down converter for a few bucks.


Thank you Adswalter
I think I’ll try the splitter option. By any chance is this the route you took? If so, would you happen to have a pic of the Splitter Cable you made.
Again thanks for the help.

@michael, in testing I made two cables that look like the one in the photo attached, but for the projects I’m work on I had just went ahead purchased a few konnected developer boards, same functionality minus the aux output, but lots more pins to make for a cleaner install. And if I need a high current aux switch I just use a relay board.


I concur with Adswalter. As you can see from the picture he posted showing the Konnect Developer Board it provides access to several DC power sources including 5 pairs of 5 VDC pins. I've included a pic showing the pins for the 5VDC that could be used to power your temp/humidity sensors. 

You can purchase a Konnected Development board (Wi-Fi Module - NodeMCU v3) at It will be preloaded with the Konnected firmware and software.




I am having the same issue powering the DHT22 Temp/Humidity sensor from an external power source.  Do you have any suggestions or ideas?  

I tried using an external variable power supply set to 5vDC for my test, but seems like the board does not receive any data when powered externally.  When attached directly to the Add on board's 5v pins there is no issue.

My challenge is setting the DHT22 sensor in a remote location, but currently only have 2 wires running back to the box.  So I am trying to power locally at the sensor site and use one of the wires for the data back to the main box.

Last note, I was able to use the Alarm board zone 1 and power the sensor from the add on board's 5vDC pins.  still does not help my situation.  Both are not connected directly, so not sure how that works.

I appreciate any feedback or help.