Waterproof Temperature Probe (DS18B20)


There doesn't seem to be a wiring guide for the Waterproof Temperature Probe (DS18B20) that's sold in the Konnected store.  Can someone please help me figure out how to wire this up?

@Support - It would probably be a good idea to either link to the answer on the product page or create a new link in the "How to Wire" section.  Some of us require a bit of hand-holding :)

Thanks in Advance!

Ds18b20 - see attachment.
Red - 3.3 or 5v - constant power
Yellow - Digital - konnected zone of choice
Black - Ground - ground
Resistor needed when using long wires or multiple sensors.

In Smartthings
Once wired and configured you will have to wait approx. 3-6mins before the sensor shows up in the things menu with its Id number as its name.

Thank you!

This is an old topic but I have a question.  The diagram shows the mentioned resistor but it is labeled as a 4K7 Ohm resistor whicj is obvously a typo.  So what is correct?  is it a 4K, a 47K.

No typo, some people like to use that format where the k takes the place of the .

4k7 = 4.7k, 4700 Ohms

A spec of dirt on a schematic that’s supposed to read 47k gets interpreted as 4.7k could be very problematic

Is that a Europe thing?  Worked in Electronics 46 years, Retired now since 2015.  Never seen it annotated that way.  I still learn something new every day. 

Unsure of the origin of this practice but its considered RKM code.

 FWIW, you must upgrade your firmware > 2.2.3 first. Once added you will see in the logs something like this: 

46dff7e0-4d4e-45da-b4a4-f10123456789 9:14:15 PM: debug Adding new thing attached to Konnected: 680123456789|9|28DD544A211901DE
46dff7e0-4d4e-45da-b4a4-f10123456789 9:14:15 PM: debug Adding new thing attached to Konnected: 680123456789|9|28DD544A211901DE

 This you will see a device named 28DD544A211901DE in your Things. At first the temperature may be way off, but this will correct on the next poll cycle. The default polling is every three minutes, but you can adjust this in the Device Handler code. 

ok so old thread..  I have been trying for couple of days to get this probe working on a V1 board.  I see notes on firmware versions.  but are we referring to software (ie I am on 2.3.5) vs. firmware (currently 2.3.0).  as stated on the status page for the board.  when assigning zones there is only options for DHT not one for probe, where as status page separates the 2 types.  How is everyone getting this to work?  I am missing something simple here.. 



Once setup like this, all probes will be added as devices. 



That is not what I see via the Konnected app.  I do not have all those options.  

Oh, this is for the SmartThings classic integration. I can't help you on the Konnected App. 

Ahhh  now i get it.  I moved everything to the New App..using Konnected cloud..and I guess probe is not an option yet.   makes me want to back it all out and go back to the classic.. even tho konnected is pushing everyone to the new way.  


SmartThings is trying to migrate everyone to their new app. I have so much invested in the classic platform that I may switch to another smart home hub instead of moving to the new app. 

Old topic but I am having trouble and need clarification.  I am using smartthings and have switched to the new app.  I am now using konnected cloud for my alarm sensors using NodeMcu boards.  I added a new board and am trying to connect 5 ds18b20 sensors to it.  I cant get them to report temperatures to smartthings.  the zone comes up and says online but doesnt recevie any data.  Does Konected cloud not support the ds18b20 sensors?

Hey Brian. Just got mine working this morning. You need a 4.7k resistor between the yellow and red wires on the sensor. Here is an article that talks about that sensor. As soon as I did this it started working in the new smartthings app after a couple of minutes. Good luck. https://learn.adafruit.com/using-ds18b20-temperature-sensor-with-circuitpython/hardware