Open sensor group indicator- action tiles

I just installed my konnected system and designed a few actiontiles panels. I’ve installed an old cell phone in place of the legacy security panel and can arm/disarm the system just fine. I can add tiles for each zone, but I have 18 and there isn’t enough screen space to do this without scrolling the page.

Has anyone figured out a way to activate a tile when one sensor in a group is open? Basically creating virtual zones. For instance, I’d like a tile that allows me know one of the four doors is open, or one of the downstairs windows. I can then link to another panel to drill down and find the open connection.

All suggestions welcome!

I created a Simulated Switch called "Something is Open" in SmartThings. You can create a simulated switch by logging into the SmartThings IDE (, navigating to "My Devices", and clicking the "New Device" button. You can then use the Smart Lighting app or CoRE to have the simulated switch turn on when any of your zones show open, and turn off when they are all closed. I display the status of the simulated switch on ActionTiles next to a link to a separate panel that shows all the zones individually so I can check exactly what is open. If you want your windows and doors grouped separately, you can just use multiple simulated switches!