New pro panel design

if you ever redesign the pro panel here are some suggestions i'd like to make:

1) design an expansion interlink bus so that if a user needs more than the default 12 zones they can just buy either a new dedicated zone type expansion board that you could make or else another pro board and connect them via the bus. this way users wouldn't need more ethernet connections. you would just have one ethernet cable then gang connect how many more pro boards one needs in parallel. all the subsequent panels would slave to the panel with the ethernet connection and pass along their zone/output status.

2) change the micro USB connector to USB type C

3) maybe consider upping the number of standard zones from 12 to 16

4) add the ability to use the old alarm panel battery backup with konnected panels

 Yeah, properly slaving  together multiple expansion boards to a single PRO board would be ideal!

And having a connector for a 12v battery with a charging circuit built into the PRO board would be a bonus.