System Design - which version?

I am just starting with the Konnected system and want to take advantage of the current year end sale and order a kit in the next day.  I need ~16 zones and have been looking at the pro boards as the latest and greatest solution from Konnected.  However the way I see it if I want more than the 12 zones the Pro board offers, I need to add additional Pro boards at $199 a piece.  There aren't simple expansion boards like the V2 system.  Have i got that right?

If this is the case, going with the Pro solution would be 2x$199 or $400 vs going with the V2 approach for a similar number of zones (24) would only cost $183.  The only benefit I see with the Pro, apart fromm it being a more recent design, is that it has wired internet.  That is of little benefit to me since when the WiFi goes down, the network switch, router and Fiber Optical Network Terminal also goes down.

Am I missing anything?  Is there anything else I should buy?  I am doing a complete 'replace' of a 12 year old GE Concord II system, not piggy-backing the Konnected system on the existing alarm and will be using SmartThings with ActionTiles and replacing the wired GE keypads with Amazon Fire tablets.  at least that's the plan!