New install of Alarm Pro - Motion Detectors not changing state in Home Assistant

Despite their being constant motion in the house, the (2) motion detectors I've wired up continually show as "clear" in HA. 

I also, never see this change connecting straight to the alarm:

Binary Sensors

The detector seems straightfoward, and indicates motion properly. And it defaults to Normally closed, just like HA.


Not sure what else to try here, any suggestions?

I am currently on Wifi, and have a bit of trouble consistantly hitting the alarms webpage, and manually triggered the Alarm siren from HA. I'm assuming that's because my Google Wifi is broadcasting on 5 GHz and 2.4Gz, I'll hardwire it today and see if that helps with this any.

Another thought, Maybe I swapped the green and yellow on the board? I tried to follow the way it was wired on the old alarm though.


for future reference, this issue was resolved by correcting the API endpoint in HA. All is well now.

I had the same issue.  I check that my sensor have power and all that things.My problem was that the sensors i picked DSC LC100 pi have some red screw that you have to slowly tighten. After that all motion was detected and seen in Home assistant.