Motion sensor help

Hi all
Ordered a kit and am puzzled why the board can’t recognize the motion sensors. I have six zones and the first zone i connected a basement motion sensor. Power works fine since as i walk the light comes on and off. But in smartthings, it indicates motion all the time. Its setup as normally closed. I used to have resistors at the sensor but nate suggested i remove them. I’ve tried moving to different zones and the same thing happens but i swear one time in zone 2 it managed to sense motion / no motion. But cannot replicate it anymore. I have 3 sensors around the house and its the same for all so i doubt i have 3 broken wires on all sensors. Ive cut the wire ends to make sure im using a fresh copper wire too and really make sure its tight for a good connection and cant pull it out. Nate confirmed that the board is working as it should via a jumper wire across the temrinals at zone 1 so the board was manufactured properly.

The only thing i found suspicious is the gauge wire and insulation cover at the sensor is different than at the alarm panel??? I know its the right set of wires since the power is there but are the wires spliced in the wall? Why would they do that?

Anyways, long story short. Been farting around with this for a month and nate nor i can figure out whats wrong and am losing hope.

Thanks in advance,

Is there a resolution to this problem? I seem to be having the same problem. 

My Smartthings Log show the motion sensor picking up activity but says it can't connect?

"3:11:18 PM: warn Device CC50E35D96FD|2 not found!"

I've rebooted the Konnected board and all apps, ive also triple checked all 4 motion sensors.

Any help would be great.


No unfortunately not. I’ve kinda given up and will get new wireless sensors to replace the wired ones. Didnt get an errormessage like yours though

Change it to normally open

Tech Support said the board might be in a reboot loop and suggested removing and reinstalling the board in the app. 

It worked! 

I had the same problem.

Had to hit 'inverse' in the Konnected Zone settings.

Hope this helps someone.