Neither door nor motion sensors register any events

Got the konnected alarm device, installed it, installed all the github stuff, and added konnected to my smartthings app which was discovered correctly. It's on my network and I can ping it. Everything looks good. I moved a door sensor and a motion sensor to the new panel and configured them as open/closed and motion. 

Everything looks correct and motion sensor lights up when I walk past it. 

Problem is: neither opening the door nor activating the motion sensor shows in smartthings. The door is always "closed" and the motion sensor  is always "no motion". I've tried reinstalling everything, tried changing the "normal" position, and I've tried jumping across the open/close sensor to force it to see some activity but it doesn't register anything. 

What am I doing wrong?

I am having the same issue.  

Thoughts might be polarity and/or NC NO change.  Will let you know.  

So for me, after working with support, they diagnosed it as a defective board. Got a replacement board and all was well.