Konnected Pro cloud not working in Smartthings

I have a Konnected Pro installed via ethernet POE. I have a Unifi UDM-Pro as the gateway. The correct port is set up and open “boardIP:9123” as it is listed in the UDM pro. Also have the dynamic DNS all set as it works with other application on the network along with accessing the Konnected pro information from outside the network using the “DNS”:9123 to test and make sure the port forwarding was available and correct.

In the Konnected app it finds the board and sets it up within the app correctly. Although when I go to change the name of the board it takes it but if I hit the refresh button at the bottom right of the app it resets the name back to the default name the board came with. I have one sensor set up and wired up and it has been synced to the Konnected cloud / board successfully but I do not see the state change on the information page when the door opens and closes.

In the smartthings app (new one) I have the Konnected app installed and I go to add a device and I pick Konnected brand and it asks to scan for devices. It acts like it successfully connects Konnected cloud to smartthings just as the instructions state but when I go back to look for the one door sensor that was configured nothing is there. It seems as though the Konnected cloud is not communicating with Smartthings so smartthings does not know any devices are set up in Konnected. Not sure how to verify the comms between the two apps.

I feel like it’s not a gateway issue cause I can connect to the board from outside the network and it pulls up the info page that shows the firmware along with sensors and states and allows you to rest the device and wifi. I have reset the device and I lose connection as expected and the connection returns which tells me its not just a cached page.

Any help on items to check or ideas would be appreciated. I got this device back in December and would like to get it working. I had the first boards from Konnected and they worked fine but I really want to get this ethernet model up and rolling.