Any help appreciated

I have installed the new connected pro on my Vista 20p connecting the vref, ground and 5 zones skipping zone 1.  When I open doors or motion sensors sense motion the lights on the interface turn off showing that potentiometers are set correctly.  

Now for the issue. When I setup my device in Konnected cloud and add my zones, I am able to get them to appear in SmartThings after adding konnected alarm panel to Issue is that all devices always show open and do not update their status’ though based off the lights from the board they are registering properly to the interface board.  I have tried unregistering the device from konnected cloud and reregistering it and the zones to no avail.  Suggestions?

For anyone else experiencing these issues. If you have the pro board you may need to plug the interface board into the other slot on the pro board.

Also it took a couple hours after the devices reported their correct initial status correctly for them to begin updating status quickly to SmartThings when the device status changed.