Konnected Pro Aux power knocks board offline?

I got my Konnected Pro yesterday and have been wiring things up. I had all the alarm functions working and proceeded to replace the keypads from the legacy alarm. I verified the voltage at the Konnected Pro, connected the wire to tablet's new home, tested voltage on the far end to make sure I had it right, good voltage and everything is working. I connect the 12v to 5v adapter (12V to 5V USB Power Converter – Konnected Inc.) and plug in the tablet  (Fire 8) and get it mounted. I then notice the sensors are not responding. I disconnected the tablet just to be sure (dropped the adapter and wires down inside the wall too.

I fished the wire out of the wall and hooked it up. Once again, Konnected dropped offline. This time I left the tablet hooked up and rebooted the Konnected board and it came back online.