Konnected.io Pro No Siren Entity

I have a Konnected Pro that’s been working for a while now that’s been working great for Door/Window contacts. Today I connected the siren from my old panel to the Konnected Pro and upgraded to the latest firmware. However, I don’t have a siren entity or equivalent in Home Assistant, even after reloading and rebooting HA.

I see references to ‘Adding a zone’ in the Konnected App, but I don’t have any such option. In the app I essentially have the ability to see the model, device ID, and firmware version, lock the device, and access the status page. That’s it.

Does anyone know what I’m missing and how I can expose the switch or light entity to Home Assistant to activate the siren?

If you’re using Home Assistant, you should not be adding zones using the Konnected app.

Instead, go to Settings > Devices > Konnected in Home Assistant and click Configure to reconfigure the device.

If you’re using the newer ESPHome firmware, it should show up automatically in Home Assistant if added to ESPHome.