Joined Wifi network, but not showing in Home Assistant

I received a Konnected Garage Door opener yesterday. I was able to join my Wifi network and it shows an IP address in my AP’s DHCP client list.

The issue is that my device isn’t showing up in Home Assistant. I have several ESPHome bulbs around the house and they have all shown up without issue when I added them (a few months ago).

I connected a USB cable to the USB port on the device and navigated to the Konnected Flash Tool - Garage Door Opener Firmware page - but it is unable to see my device as a COM port. I have plenty of ESP devices where they do show up, so I know the cable, port and driver are working properly. Is there a button that needs to be pressed to boot into programming mode?

For anyone who runs into this in the future - the USB port was not able to supply enough power to keep the device running and connect/program at the same time.

I tried with a Macbook also, it got through the “Erasing” phase and stalling during programming.

Plugging in the +12v adapter while programming resolved my issue.


Yup, this is something I’ve run into too with the Garage Door Opener. It’s totally fine to plug in the 12V adapter while the USB is connected, and I’ll try to make that more clear in the documentation.

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Bless you for posting your solution. I thought I had bricked the USB interface on my device. Powering it up with 12V saved the day.