Can I manually add a garage door opener to Home Assistant?

I know this is probably more of an HA question, but I asked on their discord, no response. I figured perhaps someone here might have ideas. I have installed a Konnected Garage Door Opener. It works fine so far, standalone. I run HA in such a way that automatic discovery is not going to happen (different VLAN, running kubernetes). I don’t need it to automatically find my device, I just need to manually be able to add it to HA. Does anyone know how to do this for a konnected device? I know it’s IP address and port number. Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes. You first need to make sure you’re running Konnected’s ESPHome firmware for the Garage Door Opener (flash from: Konnected Flash Tool - Garage Door Opener Firmware).

Then in Home Assistant, go to Settings > Devices & Services > Add Integration > ESPHome and enter the IP address of the device on your network.

OMG, I feel so stupid! Thank you. I like to think I’m pretty savvy with HA, but I had blinders on here. I run ESPHome stand-alone, not as an add-on and all my applications use MQTT to talk to HA. I didn’t even think of adding it as an “integration.” I was also confused because there is a Konnected Integration that appears to be specifically for the panel. That’s what I get for over thinking things. Anyway, much appreciated, it’s working!