Issue thread (GDO blaQ): Security+1.0 openers randomly or unexpectedly trigger opening or closing

The GDO blaQ has been out on the market for about two months now and one of the issues we’re tracking and working on is related to Security+1.0 openers (those with a purple, red, or square yellow learn button). A few people have reported issues where the garage door opens unexpectedly and with no command being sent. In these cases there’s nothing in the logs that indicates that an open command was sent – it just opens by itself :grimacing:

Of course we are taking this issue very seriously as it’s both a security and safety concern, and our top priority is creating a safe and secure product. I am opening up this thread to be fully transparent about the issue so that we can all work together to solve it, and I invite you all to participate here in this discussion.

First, Some Background

Security+ first came on the market in the late 1990s, so needless to say it’s a pretty antiquated technology. Prior to Security+ the way that garage openers worked was by a simple push-button or “dry contact” trigger. Security+ added a rudimentary serial protocol over the 12V red and white wires that connect your garage opener to the wall button – so now instead of just a simple push-button trigger, the garage opener button can send commands over the wire for different functions, and receive status updates from the opener for different states (such as if the garage is open or closed, or if the light is on or off). The GDO blaQ works by using a reverse-engineered software library that decodes and emulates Security+ so we can tap into the status of the garage door and send commands.

Security+1.0 openers work with the Security+1.0 serial protocol, but they also work with an old-school dry-contact (push-button) trigger. This detail will be important in a minute.

One Digital Device per Opener

If you have a Security+1.0 garage opener, you may have a dumb analog button OR a “smart” digital wall button. When you hook up the GDO blaQ for the first time, it tries to detect if you have a Security+1.0 opener with a digital button by listening for the status queries over the wire. If it doesn’t find one, the blaQ will emulate a digital wall button, continuously communicating with the garage opener to ask for its status and reporting that to your smart home app.

Only one digital device can be connected to a single opener, so if you have a smart/digital wall button, then we need to make sure that the GDO blaQ does not try to emulate one. A smart/digital wall button looks like this (has a motion sensor on the front and additional buttons for learn and timer close, and may have a myQ logo):

If you have a wall button like this, be sure to enable the Security+1.0 with smart panel protocol option on the device’s web page after setting it up for the first time:

What’s Causing the Random Opening?

One cause of the spontaneous door trigger may be communication collision between the GDO blaQ and another digital wall button on the same circuit. The setting described above should address that.

If you’re still having problems, another cause could be an unexpected crash or reboot. The Security+1.0 openers also can be triggered by an old-school push-button closure, and this may be part of the problem. Normally, the GDO blaQ should never make a dry contact closure – it’s not designed to do that. However, we’ve found that in case of a crash or unhandled reboot, the chip inside the device could reset the inputs just long enough that it triggers the garage opener. Crashes like this should never happen, but we’ve been working with a few customers that seem to have experienced them and we’re trying to figure out how to fix them.

Today I released firmware update 1.2.5 which includes some additional logging and debug sensors. If you experience a random trigger, check the new Reboot Reason sensor on the device’s web page after it comes up:
Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 6.10.15 PM

Also, please observe the Uptime sensor which represents the time elapsed since the blaQ has booted. If this number resets corresponding to when you experience a spontaneous door movement, then it was probably caused by an unhandled reboot:
Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 6.11.14 PM

I’ve also added an Heap Free sensor, which reports every 30 seconds the amount of free memory on the chip. In case there’s a memory leak or similar, this data should help us determine that. If you’re using Home Assistant, this value will be automatically charted so it’s easy to see if it’s declining over time and leading to a crash:
Screenshot 2024-07-05 at 6.15.11 PM

Your Feedback Needed!

We’ve only had a small handful of customers faced with this issue, and in order to get to the bottom of it and fix it for good, I need your help! So far it has been very difficult to reproduce the issue in our test environment, but with the strength of this community and a bit of communication, I’m sure we can narrow down the cause.

With this added debugging metrics in v1.2.5, I think we should have the tools available to figure it out. Please reply to this thread with your observations and experience. Thanks!


As the firmware dev for this I’d just like to say thank you all for your feedback. The last thing I would want to see happen is anyone’s security be compromised and I am VERY concerned that someone’s garage door may open without being commanded.

I too have a garage door opener with a purple button as my opener and have yet to experience this issue, so the feedback here is incredibly valuable.

This will get fixed ASAP, we are vigilantly working on this and data is key to resolving it once and for all.

Thanks everyone for contributing!

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A few updates here as I’m continuing to work on this issue.

Firmware 1.3.0 is now available!

I’ve just released v1.3.0 for the GDO blaQ. This release cleans up a lot of logging and improves the parsing of commands/packets from the garage opener, in particular for Security+1.0 openers. I don’t know yet if this is going to solve all issues, but it should help provide clarity at least. I recommend that everyone update their firmware as soon as you can.

To update, you can either use the Konnected app or ESPHome dashboard (usually within Home Assistant). The app method is simplest (and this method is required if you are using Konnected Cloud). The ESPHome method is there for power users who want full control of the firmware.

Looking forward to your feedback on that.

Incompatible wall buttons

We’ve found that a few customers with older Sec+1.0 smart wall panels have compatibility issues with the GDO blaQ. I know the 398LM is one of them – looks like this:

To test if you have an incompatible wall button, try disconnecting the wires from the wall button completely, and leave the blaQ connected to the garage opener directly. Set the protocol to Security+1.0 and test that it’s stable and can be controlled reliably. If it’s working fine without the button, now try adding the button back to the circuit and change the protocol to Security+1.0 with smart panel. If the errors and unexpected openings come back, then unfortunately the wall button is incompabitable.

If that’s the case, I recommend replacing it with the 889LM wall panel

Control4 driver

I’m also working with a few customers who are experiencing unexpected reboots and are using the Control4 driver. I’m looking into what might be the source of the problem there. Please reach out if you are using the Control4 driver and are experiencing this problem.

Any feedback?

@JDuncan569 @SManCan can you give us an update on where you are?

Just wanted to provide specifics for my setup since I had not previously done so. I’ve got a Liftmaster 3255 with the Liftmaster 41AC050-1 Logic Board (Purple Button) and 78LM wall panels. I had upgraded to the 1.2.5 firmware without issue but was still getting random opens, though fewer. Attempts this afternoon to upgrade to 1.3.0 are failing with the app showing an error writing flash and then being unable to open the socket and attempts to upgrading via HA/ESPHome not possible as it is acting like there are missing variable settings when attempting anything following adoption. Probably drag a laptop and usb cable to the opener later this afternoon to see if I can get it updated that way.

Hi @JDuncan569 thanks for the details.

Try exiting the Konnected app completely and re-launch it, then try the OTA update again. I’ve seen this “socket error” before, and it’s I think due to a socket not being closed properly on error. Exiting and relaunching the app fixes it. This should be fixed in the next app update (which we’re working on now).

For the ESPHome build, since some of the dependent packages were updated, ESPHome needs to be forced to refresh. Click “clean build files” in the 3-dots menu. This is one of the annoying things about ESPHome updates is that it’s not so easy for us to control all of the dependencies.

By the way the 78LM is not a smart panel, so use the Security+1.0 protocol option for your setup.

Could not get the device to flash as the Android app would error writing flash each attempt. Cleaning the build files in HA/ESPHome was still erroring out based on missing variables. USB direct attached to the Blaq did the trick though and it is now on I will monitor for unexpected openings and let you know. I do have a lot more errors in the live log from the Blaq now. Not sure if that should be concerning or not.

These API errors look like they are related to a HA encryption key missing or not correct. Not related to the security+ protocol but important if you are using HA.

If you previously set an encryption key with your adopted ESPhome config, the app/cloud build would not know that so it will be unset or different.

Sadly, just experienced another random opening.

Was it caused by an unexpected reboot/restart? You can tell because the Uptime metric will reset to 0 at the time of the reboot. Also what is the Reboot Reason value?

Doesn’t appear to be reboot related. Opening happened at 5:45p Eastern and uptime is at 7,361 seconds as of now.

Edit: I pulled down another firmware ( vs the earlier and applied it again via USB. I also cleared out all connectivity to the device from HA/ESPHome and let it rediscover after the firmware update which is providing some cleaner logs. Had another random opening this evening which did show a reboot (Software Reset CPU). I pushed the close button from the blaQ’s webpage and it failed to close, triggering another reboot (again, Software Reset CPU) Unplugging it for the night as I don’t care for it opening while I am sleeping.

Hmm, that is interesting. It would be really helpful if you could capture some logs when this happens so we can see what’s going on. I just ordered a 78LM wall button off of eBay so I can try and replicate this in my test setup here. @Ryan_P any ideas here?

These are really the same version. The last digit in the version number is an incremental counter that increments every time you create a new version in the Konnected app. So in this case 1.3.0 is the published version and .3 reprents the 3rd time you customized/updated the firmware in the app.

Again would love to see some logs when this is happening.

Totally understood. I think it’s a good idea to create an automation to ensure that the garage is closed at night. This is not a solution, but a mitigation.

In HA this is pretty easy. Something like this automation will check every 5 minutes between 10pm and 7am if the garage is open, and automatically close it:

alias: Close garage if open at night
  - platform: time_pattern
    minutes: /5
  - condition: time
    before: "07:00:00"
    after: "22:00:00"
  - condition: state
    entity_id: cover.garage_door
    state: open
  - service: cover.close_cover
      entity_id: cover.garage_door
mode: single

Help me help you. Is there a way to pull logs outside of what is active on the screen for the web page? By the time I realize the door is open, there is nothing of any relevance on the web page for the blaQ.

Yes, good question.

The best and simplest way is via esphome command line. This works on Windows, Mac and Linux in a terminal window.

  1. First, install ESPHome command line on your computer. Follow this guide.

  2. Then, download Konnected’s open-source config file for the GDO blaQ from GitHub.

  3. Find out the IP address of your GDO (from the Konnected app or your router) and then run esphome logs with the project config file and your device IP address like this:

esphome logs garage-door-GDOv2-Q.yaml --device 192.168.X.X

This will stream the logs the logs to your terminal window. If you want to save the logs to a file called gdo_logs.txt for example, you can do that like:

esphome logs garage-door-GDOv2-Q.yaml --device 192.168.X.X > gdo_logs.txt

The latter is probably best because you can leave it running on your computer all day or overnight, and it will save everything that happens and then you can post the log here.

Also see this recent discussion about ways to log with Home Assistant using MQTT: Observability, logging and MQTT

Hi! Dan here – I’ve been working with Nate over email on this issue; moving here…

I have a GDO with a Security+1.0 (purple button) and the 398LM wall button. The garage door had been opening seemingly randomly (including while I was 100 miles away for a few weeks…fun times! :sob:).

I’m now running 1.3.0

Test without wall button: After disconnecting the 398LM wall button and setting protocol to “Security+1.0”, the GDO blaQ seemed to be performing as expected, opening and closing via the blaQ. I left it like that for a few hours and didn’t experience any random openings.

Test with button reconnected: Since reconnecting the wall button and setting the protocol to “security+1.0 with smart panel”, I haven’t had any random openings, BUT the blaQ isn’t performing properly.

  • I haven’t had any random openings yet, but…
  • pressing the Garage Door up and down buttons doesn’t move the door and I see strange entries in the log (see below)
  • I think the device may be rebooting; Uptime appears shorter than it should be

Here’re the log entries when I attempt to open:

[16:39:17][VV][web_server_idf:067][httpd]: Enter AsyncWebServer::request_post_handler. uri=/cover/garage_door/open
[16:39:17][W][web_server_idf:070][httpd]: Only application/x-www-form-urlencoded supported for POST request
[16:39:17][VV][web_server_idf:106][httpd]: Enter AsyncWebServer::request_handler. method=3, uri=/cover/garage_door/open
[16:39:17][D][cover:076]: 'Garage Door' - Setting
[16:39:17][D][cover:084]:   Position: 100%
[16:39:17][D][cover:170]: 'Garage Door' - Publishing:
[16:39:17][D][cover:173]:   Position: 100%
[16:39:17][D][cover:186]:   Current Operation: IDLE

And here’re the log entries when I attempt to close:

[16:39:28][VV][web_server_idf:067][httpd]: Enter AsyncWebServer::request_post_handler. uri=/cover/garage_door/close
[16:39:28][W][web_server_idf:070][httpd]: Only application/x-www-form-urlencoded supported for POST request
[16:39:28][VV][web_server_idf:106][httpd]: Enter AsyncWebServer::request_handler. method=3, uri=/cover/garage_door/close
[16:39:28][D][cover:076]: 'Garage Door' - Setting
[16:39:28][D][cover:084]:   Position: 0%
[16:39:28][D][cover:170]: 'Garage Door' - Publishing:
[16:39:28][D][cover:173]:   Position: 100%
[16:39:28][D][cover:186]:   Current Operation: IDLE

I have the full log file from the last few minutes, but as a new forum user it’s not letting me post them. I’ll send them over via email.

Thanks for your help with this. Let me know if there are any other tests you’d like me to run!

newest firmware and new 889LM wall button. Took about an hour before the door opened on its own. I’m connected to the cloud so you should be able to pull the logs

hey @melinger, the 398LM is one that we’ve had problems with (see my post above in this thread: Issue thread (GDO blaQ): Security+1.0 openers randomly or unexpectedly trigger opening or closing - #4 by nate). The quickest fix for you may be to upgrade it to the 889LM.

@Lawrence_Wicklund Thanks for joining the convo. All of the detailed logs are not sent to the cloud, so it’s best if you are able to pull a log locally. Or if you can check if it was triggered by a restart by looking at the Uptime, that would be helpful.

You told me it was the other day on email? I sent you what I had on the email chain.

I can see some stuff in the cloud logs. State changes that are sent to the cloud – for example, the cloud logs will show me when your uptime reset or Reboot reason changed, but I can’t see the debug output in between.

I had 4 random openings today all software resets. I couldn’t figure out how to log on my Mac so I installed esp home on my HA, The logbook has a bunch of weird entries

GDO blaQ 61196c Lock was unlocked

5:22:24 PM - 45 minutes ago

GDO blaQ 61196c Security+ protocolchanged to security+1.0 with smart panel

5:22:24 PM - 45 minutes ago

GDO blaQ 61196c Reboot Reason changed to Software Reset CPU

5:22:24 PM - 45 minutes ago

GDO blaQ 61196c IP Address changed to

5:22:24 PM - 45 minutes ago

GDO blaQ 61196c ESPHome Versionchanged to 2024.6.6

Not sure if that helps. Keeping my computer on to try to capture a random opening for you.