Is this the best option for new build?

Hello.  Working on building a new home.  Going 100% DIY for home automation.  Hubitat with Lutron Radiara2 for lights and shades.

I am wiring door sensors instead of doing some sort of wireless z-wave or zigbee, I have always subscribed to the practice of making everything that can be wired, wired.     I really only want the door sensors for a few things:  soft chime when a door is opened, sms or push alert when a door is left open, and automate lighting upon door openings.    So i don't want try to install a dsc or other security system just of these functions.  Don't want monitoring, don't want a siren to ever sound.    Stumbling upon Konnected, it looks like it could be exactly what i want.  Simply exposing the wired door sensors to Hubitat, while providing a direct option for a chime. 

Am i correct here?  Or should i be solving this need a different way?

Side note, these are the sensors i am planning on using.  Any of you experts have a comment on me using them?

 Konnected should work great for you, if you ever thought you might want to use Hubitat's HSM you might want to consider recessed magnetic sensors instead as they would be harder to bypass but those you linked to would work fine.