Konnected/Hubitat Basic Question

I would like to use Hubitat to monitor door and window contact sensors, and motion detectors.  If a door or window opens or if motion is detected I would like the Hubitat hub to send a signal to the Konnected hardware and have Konnected call an alarm monitoring service.  Is this possible?  What Konnected hardware would I need?

You also need a hub such as Smartthings which does not seem to exist anymore.  I finally settled on Hubitat which I'm trying to get working now.  I loaded the Smartthings app and it works without a hub at least to notify my cell phone when a contact is open.  Noonlight will monitor for about $10/month (first month free) Konected tied to Smartthings, Hubitat and I think one other.  The Konnected website shows how under "Getting Started (Installation Step by Step).