New Home construction

Hi All,

I am building a new home and building is giving me 2 options for the prewiring which are as:-

1. They will prewire for 2 motion detecter, one siren, one glass break sensor, 2 keypads and 2 door sensor with no devices free of cost.

2. If i pay them $1550( which will get rolled in mortgage) then they will put the devices in the above prewiring and also they will cover 1 more door sensor and around 22 window sensors.

My question is that If i  want to use Konnected then should I take just the default prewiring and then buy the devices on my own and then buy wireless 22 Zwave window sensors which will be compatible with smarthtings.

Other option is spending that amount($1550) and taking the prewired sensors and then hooking it up with Konnected.

Which one would you suggest and if there is any other option?

It depends how much work your are able/willing to do. That seems like a lot of sensors, but if they are prewiring it, it may not be that difficult to wire in sensors. If you are confident in your wiring/DIY ability I personally would take the free route, and then buy my own wired sensors. On the other hand, if $1550 isn't a big deal for you, then your Konnected installation would be a lot easier. 

The only other question would be if they could offer a third option where they prewire in all the door and window sensors, but let you install the motion, siren, keypads, and the actual alarm panel, maybe you could save some money there.

Nope the 3rd option is not there. with 1550 they would be giving me the whole system.It will be a Interlogix concord 4 system.

I am biased right now to take the prewiring since it will roll into my mortgage.

I just realised that we would need continous internet connection for the Konnected system to work and if internet is not there then Door Chime will also not work.

is there a way to make the chime work locally.?