What do I need to purchase?

Greetings.  l have a two year old house with 32 windows/door that are hard wired with lines running to basement under stairs but not connected to anything.  There was no alarm system, panels, etc. installed when the home was built, just the bundled wires coming through the drywall.  The master bedroom and the backdoor to the garage have wires for wiring up a control panel.  I'd like the following, but I'm not sure what all I need to buy from this site:

1. Support for all 32 doors/windows
2. I'd like to buy two Fire tablets - one for the back door to garage and one to master
3. I'd like the beep-beep at each Fire/control panel for audible sounds when doors/windows open
4. Support to install a siren

In addition, there are two doors that, unfortunately, do not have wires run to them, so I will need a wireless sensor installed on each of these.  I'm not sure if those can be integrated with the Konnected system that I'm trying to build here, but that would be ideal.

I'm new to all this, so hopefully I have included all of the information here, but let me know if I haven't.  Thanks for any feedback.