Is it a buzzer?

Just found this with my kit. Not sure where it connects and what it does. It looks like some kind of buzzer.


Yes, it's a buzzer, not very loud though.  You connect it on the side of the panel, the red (+) on "out" and the black on "gnd".  The other wire in the package seems to be and extension wire for the buzzer.   Then you can discover it in SmartThing and activate it from the App.

Hey Michel,  I had a feeling that's what it was.  I'm a real newbie at this.  What's the purpose of it if it isn't that loud? Won't the Smarthings app discover the board without it?

I have can see the Konnected board on my phone I'm just waiting for my hub to finish the process. Can't believe I forgot to get the hub. :-( 

I'll have it tomorrow

Thanks for your help.