Hooking up Buzzer to Zone no option for Momentary Switch

Just getting everything set up - The Piezo Buzzer is working fine using the Ground and out pins but in attempt to try to move the Buzzer to an area that could be heard easier I wanted to use the wires for one of our control panels.   When I hook the wires up to an empty zone and try to configure the zone through the Konnected App I do not have an option to set it up as a momentary switch.   I can trick it If I select the Zone Number as ALARM/OUT and then selecting the Zone Type as Momentary and then going back and changing the Zone to an actual number - Unfortunately I can not get the buzzer working like this.  Not sure if maybe the wires are damaged somewhere along the line or if it has to do with not being able to select it properly in the Konnected App.    It does seem to show up correctly in the SmartThings App.