New home under construction- Need information/help (konnected panel)

First of all a big hello to this great community. I am getting a home built and have an option of prewiring the security for free from builder but they will not be giving the security control devices. I am thinking of using the Koneected system in my new house .

Is there anything specific which i have to do right now so that the installation of the Konnected panel is super easy like extra wiring, special zoning.

I am sorry if this is a pretty easy question but i am not a big techie in this area, I am just learning stuff.

Thanks in advance.

Personally I can't think of anything special, although you will want to make sure that where ever they run all the wires to that it is in a location that will get a wifi signal and that there is a power outlet as close as possible to the wires, but that is pretty typical stuff. It sounds like they will just be wiring the sensors for you and you will be left with a bundle of wires. That would be perfect for a Konnected installation.

The only other things I can think of are make sure they label each wire to save you time, and I guess if you have the option maybe look and see if you want them to run any additional wires. I am guessing they will prewire every door and window, but you may want an extra wire for an extra motion sensor, or possibly even additional doors. They will typically put sensors on any doors leaving outside of the home, but you may want to think about sensors on interior doors so that you can build custom routines in smartthings based on those doors. Granted this would be done with after market wiresless sensors, but since you have a new construction its worth thinking about.

Thank you Kyle for the response.

I am goona make sure they prewire any interior doors for the custom automations.I have a question regarding the door chime as i was redading about it and understood that I will have to put the buzzer which comes wit the kit for door chime. I would like to know if i have to do a prwire for the buzzer and if yes what will be the besy location for it.

Yes, you do need to have a wire to use the piezo buzzer. I actually have 2 in my house wired to the same zone on the konnected board. I have one that is next too the board wired straight to the board, and another that goes downstairs that utilizes the wiring for the downstairs keypad I no longer need. That way I have a buzzer downstairs and upstairs. 

so I dont have a keypad . Does that mean that I will have to run the wire from that central location where Konnected will  be to the place where i am anticipating the buzzer to be in?

Also my current house all the smoke detecters are being used as the alarm along with the siren when something happens . How can i acheive that with Konnected in the new house?

If your home builder is prewiring your house for an alarm system it should include everything you would need for a traditional alarm system including wiring for a siren, sensors, and keypad, and typically a motion detector and or glass break. Get with your builder to verify but that is typically what is included. Many konnected users will use the keypad wiring to also connect power for a tablet and also a buzzer since there is 4 wires going to the keypad. 

As far as smoke alarms you will have to look at the Konnected documentation for those as I am not very knowledgeable. Only certain types of smoke alarms will work with konnected  and it is either impossible or strongly advised NOT to use smoke alarms for anything other that fire or smoke detection. Although since you are starting from scratch I am sure there are endless possibilities to make your siren (or sirens) louder and add multiple ones. 

In your previous response you mentioned that you have wired the buzzer in the same zone- So does it mean that zone 1(lets Say) has the door sensor connected on board on pin3 then it will also have another wire(red) from the buzzer into that pin and the other black one would be between the 1& 3 pin.

Will this buzzer in that case only work for Zone 1 then or will it work for any zone?

I would lideally want it to beep when ever there is anything opened like door or window ?

No, the buzzer (or buzzers) will be wires to their own zone. Once it is wired in you control it via smarthings app to do whatever you want. You can tell the buzzer to beep for anything you want, you just program it via the smarthings app. For example I have my buzzer on zone 4 and I have it set in the app to beep whenever any door or window opens. 

Ok thank you so much for you answers.Do you also use action tiles on a table to view these?

Will you be willing to share the pic of final product -if not its fine also.

I am not sure if this is the palce to ask this but do you have monitoring camera's also hooked up to your system. 

I am trying to find out which camera's pre-wire i  should do and a search has been overwhelming.

My aim is to view the feed on a computer or on action tiles if it is possible.

You have been a great help. Thank you again.

I do use actiontiles I just havent made a mount yet. This is where my keypad used to be and I used the 4 wires to wire in a 12V to 5V converter to power the tablet and also a second buzzer. 

As far as cameras, I can't be of too much help, but I am fairly sure actiontiles will support any camera that you can log into via Ip. So as long as you can reach it on your network it should work fine, but there are plenty of actiontiles forums that are more knowledable. 


Thank you Kyle ..One more question so does each buzzer gets its own zone or can they be on single pin on the alarm panel ?

You can do either. I recently set up two buzzers onto one zone. I does work but in early testing it does seem to somewhat reduce the loudness of the buzzer, but I have not troubleshooted the issue at all to verify the cause of the problem. Since no power is going to the buzzer I would not imagine that being a cause but I am unsure. 

Thank you Kyle for all the great information.It was a great help.