Honeywell Galaxy 2 conversion

I today received my 6-zone board & accessories, to replace a Honeywell Galaxy 2 system. I counted 4 PIR sensors, and 3 door sensors, but only saw 5 zone wire pairs on the old board, so assumed some sensors were in circuit together.

I have connected the zones as they were on my old system, but noticed a couple of oddities, including variation in the polarity of the red and black wires in some zones. Further, one of the zones had completely different coloured cables.

Only 3 of my zones are working; the front door sensor, and 2 PIR sensors. 

On investigation, the remaining 2 PIR sensors are wireless, and I have identified a wireless receiver close to where the mainboard was. It has 8 wires in 4 pairs, +v and -v, 'A' and 'B.'

I know Konnected isn't designed to work with wireless sensors. However, is there any way to get some sort of input out of the wirelees receiver, even if it just shows as a single zone?

I attach images below. These were taken for a variety of reasons, so some images aren't relevant: