6-Zone Panel Does Not Recognize Binary Sensors

I initially installed a Konnected Pro board with no issues (works great!).  I ran out of contact zones, so I purchased a 6-zone WiFi board to add an additional six zones (two windows, one door, and three garage door magnetic contacts).  I was able to get the 6-Zone board working on WiFi and even updated the firmware, but the board does not recognize any of the contact sensors.  The "Binary Sensors" section is blank on the app.  I find it hard to believe that six separate contact loops are all bad when the other 12 work fine.  Any ideas?

David did you find any answers here? I am having the exact same problem. I bought a 6 zone board a couple years back and finally got around to installing it. I first had it running with v 2.5 of the Firmware and I could see the sensors, but it wasn't registering in Home Assistant, so I upgraded to 3.0\3.0.1 and now I am getting NOTHING under the sensors. No inline resistors, none of that stuff, so I am at a loss.

 I am also having this issue.  I hooked everything up and connected the 6 zone board to my WiFi and the app.  In the app it shows I have no sensors despite everything being hooked up.  I do not have any resistors on my wires, no idea why I don't show any zones.

Tech-support helped me figure it out. They’re awesome. Basically what I had to do was override my end point during the configuration. I reran the integration and overrided the endpoint with the ip of my HASS instance. It was pointing to the cloud by default.

Please help! I have the Panel Pro and interface kit. installed everything per this video (1253) Konnected Alarm Panel Interface v2 1 install video w/ Ademco VISTA series alarm system & SmartThings - YouTube.

Got integration running on HA. Took me awhile, but finally figured out how the keyswitch works so I can arm away/stay and disarm using HA fine. I just need the binary sensors for alarm armed/triggered. I've done the 17/18 pins and programming on keypad(safewatch pro) but HA sees their status as unknown. The interface kit status LEDs work as expected. LED for the zone tied to pin 17 goes out when Alarm is armed, and LED for zone tied to pin 18 goes out when alarm is triggered. pin17 goes to zone1 and pin18 goes to zone2 as I have no other zones being interfaced as all my sensors are wireless(stupid me didn't do my homework before my purchase).