Homebridge Plugin Public Release (Version 1.0.1)

We have another update on Konnected's plugin for Homebridge, and this is a big one! The Homebridge has finally been released out of beta and is now at v1.0.1!

This release is an upgrade from the beta stage and with the very-requested native alarm switch in HomeKit.

Notable functionality:

  • Native Alarm Switch and control in HomeKit.
  • Now provides Home/Stay/Night modes and selecting zones that are active in each (E.g., only perimeter sensors trigger at night).
  • Sensor support all available sensors provided by Konnected currently.
  • Actuators, for beepers, sirens and strobe lights, both stateful and momentary (pulsing).
  • Ability to remove, rename, add, and update zones as needed.
  • Ability to invert the sensor state for sensors that operate inversely.
  • Ability to set the trigger value for the actuators with High or Low values.
  • Hints and Config UI X interface updates to make it easier to provision panels.
  • Now works in the newly release V4 of HOOBS and the configuration settings share a similar experience as in the Homebridge Config UI X plugin.

Breaking Changes:

We're noticing that some users are afflicted with stale configuration settings in the Homebridge config.json file, that were set and present from the previous version:

  1. sensors have old "switchSettings": {...} which shouldn't be there for sensors - remove that entire "switchSettings": {...} object block
  2. sensors may have the old "invert": true/false setting in the wrong location, it should exist under the "binarySensorSettings": {...} - move the invert setting to be inside that
  3. switches may have "binarySensorSettings": {...} which shouldn't be there for switches - remove that entire "binarySensorSettings": {...} object block
  4. beeper/siren/strobe switches may have "trigger": 1 in them. That is the default trigger for switches anyhow, so they aren't needed there. remove the "trigger": 1 setting from switches if they are meant to be triggered high.
  5. beeper/siren/strobe switches don't need "triggerableModes": [...] and don't really have any sort of purpose here (that's why it's experimental)

Overall, what might be best for everyone is if they backed-up their Homebridge config.json file (you can simple copy and paste it to a basic text file and save that on your computer somewhere). Then, re-build the configuration from scratch starting off with:


Then use the Config UI X interface to set up the zones again.

I realize that may be tedious, but I don't foresee the structure of the config.json file changing for this plugin significantly anymore – just additions of new settings.

Things on the roadmap that are being worked on:

  • For traditional alarm panel setups, create a binary alarm sensor setting to set the HomeKit Security System state as triggered.
  • Ability to set poll intervals for DHT/DS18B20 sensors.
  • Add option for panic button in HomeKit.
  • Provision panels only on changes.
  • Noonlight integration for 24/7 smart home monitoring.

For detailed information, please refer to the following links and details in our README file on the repo:

Installation: https://github.com/konnected-io/homebridge-konnected#installation

Configuration: https://github.com/konnected-io/homebridge-konnected#configuration

Support: https://help.konnected.io/discussions/forums/32000043024

I have 4 modes showing - not sure the use case for all.  I think a simple Armed/Disarmed would be great. Each contact has to be set to Night, Home, or/and Away right now. How are Night and Away different? If I'm away, wouldn't I want to arm the alarm and have the siren go off if any of those doors/windows are opened? It seems everything in the Away would be in the Night. But then what do you do with Home? Wouldn't that function the same as off? 

@Jason, here are some example of usage for the various modes.

Home: You might have smoke/water/CO detectors connected to your alarm system, or like to receive an alert when the front door/side gate/pool gate is opened unexpectedly

Night: You sleep upstairs and want to only arm motions sensors downstairs at night

Away: All motion sensors and perimeter sensors

Disarmed: No alarms at all

Using automations (I use the Eve app), you could sound a different alarm for a different mode. e.g. A small piezo buzzer to let you know a gate has opened in 'Home' mode, but full horn/screamer when the same door opens when 'Away', or perhaps turn on all the lights when 'Night' mode is tripped.

@Mike - congrats on the milestone release!

I’ve had my eye on Konnected for a while now but I’ve been holding out for HomeBridge/HOOBS compatibility, so I’ve been following your progress closely.

I’m really excited to finally order my Konnected panel(s) and get started.

Thanks so much for your persistence and hard work. From reading all the documentation, it looks like you’ve delivered a great set of features. Well done!

@Jason, there's plenty of articles on the net that talk about the different ways that you can utilize the different modes on your alarm system. I always wondered the same thing, but now I actually use all of them, and it keeps me feeling a little more secure in the right situation! I have toyed with the idea of hiding the other modes in HomeKit - it is possible! But at this point I'm going to put that in the backlog over other things I promised in my initial endeavor.

@Shaun, thank you for your explanation! I couldn't have said it better, and that's exactly what they're there for. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take," and not using these modes when possible to their potential is just missed opportunity. Although, I could see someone with a 800 sqft apartment not needing all of the modes. It's there if you need it, and not hurting anyone being there in the first place.

@theunderdog, thanks for keeping up with Konnected. I really am dedicated to this product because it has a great philosophy and so much potential. I get to control my alarm system and monitor it myself without everything being in the cloud if I don't want it to. Not having to pay a subscription/rental fee is one big benefit, but keep your eyes out for the NoonLight integration down the road - seems to be cheaper than any of the other 'old-fashioned' monitoring services out there!

We have released a patch-update v1.0.2 to fix some issues with the plugin not being able to properly discover V2 alarm panels.

As well, some issues have cropped up with the switch trigger state/value producing unexpected results.

If you are having issues with this, no need to let me know! I am working on another patch. Please hold out for version >= 1.0.3 which I plan to release later tonight.

I've seen this on my Pro. The way I typically resolve it is to manually enter the IP and the port for 1 of the boards then reboot. It will then find both of my boards. 

I have this working pretty well now. Would love the ability to customize the Alarm states for example to simply "Armed" and "Disarmed" or On/Off.