Homebridge Plugin Initial Public Alpha (Version 0.0.5)

Hello all, I'd like to provide an update on Konnected's plugin for Homebridge that is under way.

The latest version of the plugin is in a pre-release alpha (0.0.5-alpha) and successfully registers V1, V2 and Pro Konnected boards to work with HomeKit.

Notable functionality:

  • Multiple panels can be discovered and provisioned.
  • Panels should now be automatically populated in the Homebridge config.json based on their successful discovery on the network (this does not discover zones, just panels).
  • Config UI X has an interface that can add and assign* the zones which show up in HomeKit.

Caveat functionality:

  • Zones that are assigned, are forced to Contact Sensor functionality (no other zone type will work in this release).
  • A warning in the Homebridge logs is presented when a Konnected panel has been registered with Konnected Cloud (SmartThings) - by virtue, a Homebridge plugin will likely never support this.
  • If you add a zone and then change it to another zone, the original zone will persist (this will be fixed in the next release).
  • HOOBS installation & functionality is glitchy and officially unsupported at this time. The Konnected plugin for Homebridge should work interchangeably on HOOBS, however you will have to manually edit the HOOBS config.json per the example here: https://github.com/konnected-io/homebridge-konnected#zone-settings-example-for-configjson

Things that still are not available:

  • All other zone types are not available to be assigned to a zone (coming in next release).
  • An alarm controller in HomeKit.

I will endeavor to update this forum group with more information as releases become available.

For detailed information, please refer to the following links for details:

Installation: https://github.com/konnected-io/homebridge-konnected#installation

Configuration: https://github.com/konnected-io/homebridge-konnected#configuration


Do you have to de-register your Konnected board from the cloud before you can attempt to use this configuration? Because I was going back and forth trying to use Konnected Cloud/Smart Things integration with HOOBS and this plugin. I did attempt to modify the HOOBS config.json file to your example but I kept getting invalid json config when attempting to save changes. I probably have something in my config wrong.

You do not necessarily have to de-register from Konnected Cloud, however the Konnected device can only connect to one service at any given time. If you want to experiment with Homebridge without messing up your Konnected Cloud / SmartThings setup, simply wipe the device following the factory reset procedure: https://help.konnected.io/support/solutions/articles/32000025437

Then, proceed with the Homebridge setup.

If you want to revert back to SmartThings via Konnected Cloud, just reset again, go back into the Konnected app, navigate to the zone assignments screen, and tap "Sync to Device" to re-sync the cloud credentials to the device.

This was a sample of the configuration I was going to implement into HOOBS.

Michael - please see the caveats in the sticky post. HOOBS is not supported at this time. patience.

Hi guys - Konnected isn't working for me on Homebridge. This is the error I'm getting in the logs:

[Konnected] Initializing konnected platform...

[14/12/2020, 21:43:16] TypeError: Cannot read property 'listenerIP' of undefined

    at new KonnectedHomebridgePlatform (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/homebridge-konnected/src/platform.ts:44:44)

    at /usr/local/lib/node_modules/homebridge/src/server.ts:397:40

    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)

    at Server.loadPlatforms (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/homebridge/src/server.ts:374:27)

    at Server.start (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/homebridge/src/server.ts:153:29)

    at cli (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/homebridge/src/cli.ts:80:10)

    at Object.<anonymous> (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/homebridge/bin/homebridge:17:22)

    at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1063:30)

    at Object.Module._extensions..js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1092:10)

    at Module.load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:928:32)

    at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:769:14)

    at Function.executeUserEntryPoint [as runMain] (internal/modules/run_main.js:72:12)

    at internal/main/run_main_module.js:17:47

I do have the IP address in the config. I can share the konnected config section if that helps. 


What version of the homebridge-konnected plugin are you running?

What version of Homebridge, Node.js and possibly Config UI X are you running?

I'd be interested in seeing the config file.

Since I can't get my Konnected sensors to pass from SmartThings to Homekit I'm very interested in testing this out.  I do however use HOOBS.  I see a comment says not yet supported in HOOBS above but I think the error being thrown out is related to Konnected cloud.

The plug in installs fine now but this error comes up:

[Konnected] ERROR: Panel 8f655392-a778-4fee-97b9-df98f4ab799b has already been provisioned to use the Konnected Cloud. Please submit a ticket to de-register your panel from the Konnected Cloud before provisioning it with Homebridge: https://help.konnected.io/support/tickets/new12/16/2020, 8:41:35 PM INFO: SmartThings-v2 Hub Communication Established12/16/2020, 8:41:35 PM INFO: INFO: Your plugin version is up-to-date12/16/2020, 8:41:35 PM NOTICE: Sending Plugin Status to SmartThings | UpdateAvailable: false | newVersion: 2.3.412/16/2020, 8:41:37 PM

If someone can point me to the right place to get SmartThings working to pass Konnected sensors to HOOBS (I have the Homebridge v2 SmartApp configured) I'd appreciate it. All of our automations etc. are running via Homekit - getting Konnected to work in Homekit is the reason I bought the hardware.

Hello @Mark Russell,

The error that is being thrown is related to both the Konnected Cloud and SmartThings because they both use the cloud to manage the Konnected panels.

The process of getting SmartThings to pass Konnected sensors to HOOBS will not work for getting Konnected to work in HomeKit because you need remove any cloud integration (SmartThings or Konnected Cloud) from the equation altogether.

You can do this by using your mobile phone's Konnected App (version 0.9.7) to de-register your Konnected device panel from SmartThings/Konnected Cloud.

After that, the communication flow should look like this:

Konnected Panel <=> Konnected Homebridge/HOOBS Plugin <=> HomeKit

Again, as you saw in the post, HOOBS is unsupported at this time, but it will be eventually, just need to get it working on Homebridge first.

Anyone tried just flashing with something like https://github.com/RavenSystem/esp-homekit-devices ? Someone would need to figure out the configuration json, would be nice if Konnected could provide it (and see their sales go crazy!)

Gosh that would be nice!


That would never happen because of Apple's licensing of the HomeKit accessory server library which forbids subsequent licensing, modifications, or distribution for commercial purposes. It even says that on the project's GitHub readme in the only few paragraphs on the repository:

This project uses a modified version of Apple HomeKit accessory server library ESP-HomeKit from @MaximKulkin for ESP-OPEN-RTOS. And it uses a modified version of OTA update system Life-Cycle-Manager (LCM) from @HomeACessoryKid.

Although already forbidden by the sources and subsequent licensing, it is not allowed to use or distribute this software for a commercial purpose.

Konnected.io runs a legitimate business and respects the licensing of third-party applications and software. That being said, many also prefer the Homebridge route because it allows them to be able to privately collect their own statistics and analytics (with reporting dashboards) for any of the devices on their Homebridge bridged-network of accessories and home automation devices. You can't necessarily do that with the RavenSoft custom ESP firmware out of the box, and its worse with actual HomeKit certified devices as Apple doesn't have any sort of analytics platform exposed for personal use.


Is there any update on this ?


Hey Jamit,

I have great news! Yes, in fact I'm in QA with the changes for the alarm component as we speak. There's been a lot of refactoring and improvements.
HOOBS also finally released v4 this past Tuesday and I have begun testing all of the changes made thus far in our plugin.
Let me get through that and I will post another update.
ETA for launch is later today or tomorrow.
// Mike

@mike you are amazing. Can’t wait. Let me know if you need help testing.

I have just published v1.0.1 of the plugin. Check your npm, Homebridge Config UI X, or HOOBS for an update to the plugin to install.

I expect there to be hiccups with some of the breaking changes.

There have been slight changes to the config.json structure for this plugin. Please refer to the README documentation for the altered structure.

Recommended Steps For This Release

  1. Shut down Homebridge.
  2. Close down your HomeKit app on your phone or desktop.
  3. Delete the cachedAccessories file.
  4. Launch Homebridge.
  5. If you are using the Config UI X plugin, revisit the zones you may have possibly configured and make sure that you review their configuration and that they are functioning as you intend.
  6. Save the settings in Config UI X to rebuild the config.json file.
  7. Reboot Homebridge. (you may need to reboot it once-more for the settings to be properly cached)