Homebridge Plugin Initial Public Beta (Version 0.1.0)

Hello again,

Here's another update on Konnected's plugin for Homebridge.

This beta release is an upgrade from the alpha stage and with continued work that orchestrates the registration of V1/V2 and Pro Konnected zones to HomeKit accessories.

Notable functionality:

  • Sensor support all available sensors provided by Konnected currently.
  • Actuators, both stateful and momentary.
  • Ability to remove, rename, add, and update zones as needed.
  • Hints and Config UI X interface updates to make it easier to provision panels.

Caveat functionality:

  • Upon Homebridge startup, the state of a sensor or switch is defaulted to 0 or false (closed state for most sensors or a temperature/humidity value of 0, and actuator states of 0). Don't be alarmed! (pun intended ;-)) Closing the Home app on your iPhone/iPad and re-opening it will trigger an update for active states as they are updated by the Konnected alarm panel.
  • HOOBS functionality is spotty and still UNSUPPORTED. While the plugin appears to work in HOOBS, the configuration is a painful process. Fortunately we've been in touch with the developers working on the HOOBS web interface. They are planning to release a major version with new functionality and have incorporated our feedback on the configuration UI aspect. If you are a HOOBS user, keep an eye out for a release in the future which should have some parity with the configuration UI similar to what Homebridge users experience using the Config UI X plugin.

Things on the roadmap that are being worked on:

  • A proper alarm switch and controller in HomeKit.
  • Research into providing Home/Stay/Night modes and selecting zones that are active in each (E.g., only perimeter sensors trigger at night).
  • Ability to invert the sensor state for sensors that operate inversely.
  • Noonlight integration for 24/7 smart home monitoring.

For detailed information, please refer to the following links for details:

Installation: https://github.com/konnected-io/homebridge-konnected#installation

Configuration: https://github.com/konnected-io/homebridge-konnected#configuration

Support: https://help.konnected.io/discussions/forums/32000043024

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Amazing work. I have the beta installed and working successfully. 6 zones on alarm panel v2.l with interface kit. All notifications work as well and as quickly as they did when in SmartThings.

All I need is to be able to invert one of my sensors, I see it is on the roadmap so that’s great.

If you need any testing or whatever, let me know.

Thank you Mike, this is working great!

I got it installed on top of the previous versions and it just started working.  I've been able to test all of my zones and I'm getting the notifications from the home app; however, if a contact sensor is open every time I open the home app it resets, not just the first time.  If i open and close the contact sensor while the app is open everything appears fine.

@Matthew, can you open a new forum post so we can troubleshoot back and forth on this specific issue?

It may be that you just have to empty your cachedAccessories file and get Homebridge to regenerate that. The location of the file is on the repo's main page at the bottom.


There is a new beta version out with the invert setting added, it doesn't show up as an update in homebridge/hoobs .. you have to manually install it.

The following command will install it globally on the system:

npm install -g homebridge-konnected@0.1.2-beta.0

If you prefer to install it in a specific directory that you've navigated to, just perform the above command, without the '-g'.

Feel free to install and test out the invert option.

Thanks Mike.

Have tried installing but get EACCES abs ELIFECYCLE errors. Have tried running it as root but no luck?? Any ideas?

@Andy .. you may have to install it globally .. I've updated the command above.

Thanks Mike, I had already tried that one.

Still getting this error - warn checkPermissions Missing write access to /usr/local/lib/node_modules

Have tried using Sudo as well. That’s about as far as my knowledge goes

I have attached error. Wondering if it’s because my homebridge is located in /var/lib/homebridge or would that not matter?

Sounds like a permissions error with your node_modules folder. Can you create a new forum post and we'll have a thread specifically for that issue there.

(you can try this as well: https://flaviocopes.com/npm-fix-missing-write-access-error/)

Thanks Mike. That step plus reinstalling homebridge sorted the problem.

Confused me that the update doesn’t show in Config-UI though!! Haha.

Have added the invert line and all is working correctly. Now it’s perfect. :slight_smile:


Yeah the update is tagged as a pre-release beta, that's why you won't see it in Config UI X.

Hello all,

I've released a couple patches that bumps the version to v0.1.2 with some improvements on logging, switch handling and general cleanup.

This update should also present itself in Homebridge as an update for the plugin if you have it installed.

Looks great. Already looking like an end product in Config UI!! Look forward to seeing what new features are added.

0.1.2 looking good. Update prompted as expected.

Nice work guys!

I’m looking forward to some of the roadmap features

Installed 2 Pros at my new house. I have everything in the home in HomeKit. 

This plugin works great. Really looking forward to the HomeKit Native alarm feature. 

Thanks Jason, I've been waiting for the latest HOOBS version to come out of beta to release more of the changes. The HOOBS 4 interface is similar to the Homebridge Config UI X in that you don't have to manually configure your plugins. That being said, it's more efficient if both systems are on the same page to develop for both at once. Once they launch it, I will do some internal testing and then release a new version with more alarm features to the public.

I'm using Homebridge Config UI X - it works really well.

Hey Mike - Any chance you'd release the latest changes as a beta ahead of HOOBS? Maybe the people using HOOBS will just make the switch? 

Seems like people that are going as far as using Konnected with Homebridge would be the type that can easily install Config UI X. HOOBS seems like the entry level approach to RPi Homebridge before some users realize its limitations. 

Sorry Jason, I don't have the code ready for public consumption at the moment.