No sensors visible in Homekit

Hi! I recently got my Konnected boards and to test things out I connected 3 window/door sensors to one of the boards. I can see their status changing in the Konnected app. I then set up Homebridge, installed the Homebridge Konnected plugin and everything seems to be fine. I added 2 zones (choosing the ones which have sensors connected to them), chose that they are contact sensors and then added Homebridge to Homekit.

In Homekit I get an alarm icon and I can change its status, for example off or away. The thing is that I do not see any sensors and do not get any notifications when I open one of the windows.

Could you please advise me on what it could be that I am doing wrong?

Thank you!

I can only add that I have identical issue when setting things up through Home Assistant (I posted in a HA specific section as well).

Same issue here, all working fine in Konnected App, SmartThings, but in HomeBridge/Homekit, I do not get any sensors, only the alarm.

For reference

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Alpine Linux (3.12.9)



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Leaving a comment here for others to find the solution to this issue.

After stumbling upon the actual announcement topic in this forum for the HomeBridge plugin, it is clear from the comments below the announcement that the Konnected boards can only be managed by one instance.

In my case I wanted to test and make a proof of concept, so I programmed it via Konnected Cloud/SmartThings. After that I started the HomeBridge configuration. From the comments it is clear that I first needed to deregister from Konnected Cloud and only program through HomeBridge.

As I have a Konnected Pro Panel this meant the following:

1) Pull out the Ethernet cable

2) Connect a jumper wire between zone 1 and zone 2 on the Konnected Pro Panel

3) Plug in the Ethernet cable —> fast flashing blue light

4) While the board is live, disconnect the jumper wire that is connecting zone 1 and zone 2

5) push the reboot button on the Konnected Pro Panel

This basically resets the board to factory settings. Now do not do anything in the Konnected app, but configure all directly from HomeBridge.

By applying the method above, I have have active sensors in HomeKit through HomeBridge. Keep in mind that you will have to reboot HomeBridge twice after each config change and allow enough time after a reboot for the Konnected Pro Panel to accept the new configuration (goes automatically) and reboot itself (goes automatically).

I now have all the functionality I want:

1) Legacy alarm panel still works

2) Legacy wall keyboard panels still work

3) Sensors statuses are now available in HomeKit through HomeBridge to build further automations (light on when entering the cellar and the motion sensor over there being triggered for example)

4) Monitoring of armed status of my existing system

5) Remote arming of the legacy alarm panel (out 1 on the board going to a relay on the interface panel, triggering a key switch zone on the legacy alarm) when I forgot to arm at the time of leaving the house

Happy with this combination of old tech and new home automation through a relatively affordable Konnected Pro Panel Interface Kit!

Hi! Thank you for your comment. Yes, I realised that as well.

I can also say that I have everything set up and working now through HomeAssistant. I think that my 2 mistakes were first of all configuring SmartThings and then Homebridge and then HomeAssistant without properly resetting things (flashing the panels helped clean it up and also update them to the latest FW version).

My second mistake was incorrectly setting up things in HomeAssistant I think. I did not include all of the entities.

Lastly I had some issues setting up the alarm panel code in HomeAssistant and having the Homekit to read it properly but this is purely HA specific issue.

Hi Yannick, are you able to post your config.json? I'm unable to see how to arm my legacy alarm via the key switch with the HomeKit interface. Ideally it'd trigger out1 when 'setting' the alarm in HomeKit, but failing that, triggering out1 when the alarm is armed (As an automation) would achieve the same effect.

I've configured my legacy alarm's key switch to be a toggle (latch) rather than momentary. Perhaps the Homebridge plugin only supports momentary triggering?

I am consciously only using the legacy alarm system as I want to keep being able to use all legacy functions, panels etc. I use the interface kit to monitor the status of the legacy alarm kit and I use the Konnected system relay to trigger a “keyswitch zone” on the legacy alarm kit. I therefore never use the Konnected alarm/arming modes.

The out1 on the Konnected Pro panel is physically going to that keyswitch zone on my legacy alarm system. The homebridge config for the relay is as follows Triggering that out1 is a tile in HomeKit (going to HomeBridge who then talks to Konnected).

I then use an output on my legacy alarm system to show armed status that feeds as input to a zone on Konnected Alarm panel Pro. The feedback of that zone in HomeBridge is then the confirmation that a trigger worked and what the current state of the alarm is.

                            "enabled": true,
                            "zoneNumber": "out1",
                            "zoneType": "switch",
                            "zoneLocation": "Switch on Alarm away"

I think the 2.3.5 firmware is not suitable anymore so your post is faulty, now the system drift boss has been upgraded to version 2.3.6, please try to run this program.

You may not even be aware of some of the cool customization options available if you explore the Settings app. 

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