Homebridge Plugin Initial Public Beta (Version 0.1.0)

Hi Mike, the beta plugin is great and i'm quite happy with the konnected pro panel but it has been 4 months since an update has been released. is there going to be an update anytime soon for arm/disarm of the panel?

the home bridge plugin has been working flawless for me to be able to monitor zones being open or closed but i have not been able to arm/disarm the alarm panel since that feature is not yet provided.

could a simple update to just be able to arm/disarm the panel be released ahead of any other more complex features?

I'm sorry for the wait. I've been patiently waiting as well for Hoobs V4 to be released to finish work with the arm/disarming features of the panel. Hoobs V4 was supposed to be released end of March, but then other priorities took place in the meantime.

if only Hoobs would just go away. If devs stop building for it, people will move to the better platform. 

I don't actively run Hoobs as my bridge for HomeKit, I have it running in a side-system for testing, but I certainly see how it can benefit Konnected and so many other platforms. For one, it's entry-level appeal not only makes it easy to onboard users, but it is also an inexpensive alternative (both in money and time) to getting things up and running vs buying a Raspberry Pi or reviving an old computer system and installing Homebridge on it.

Once Hoobs V4 is out .. it will have a lot more feature-parity with the original Homebridge and the world can move on.

ok thanks for the followup. i just use a raspberry pi myself and don't use hoobs. why is it that there can't be a generic beta release first that supports arm/disarm? then whenever this hoobs v4 comes out another release could be made for that.

Well that’s a simple answer: I build this plugin in my own free time for Konnected and I’ve been busy with other projects in my life and Hoobs v4 has been a great excuse to bide my time with.

i see. i thought you were a konnected employee. how about exposing the current development branch and allowing pull requests. maybe there are other konnected users that can help out and contribute code.

i only ask because i bought this konnected alarm panel 4 months ago to replace my old relic of a panel and have been really unable to use it for its intended purpose as an alarm system since i can't arm/disarm it.

Great suggestion! 

Thanks very much for building this for the community. I am looking at buying a connected and have homebridge on my raspberry Pi (still very new to me). Can this be used to arm/disarm the system via iPhone? And does it notify when alarm is triggered (sensor disrupted And making lots of Noise at home say when I’m not at home?)

I have a Bosch solution 880 and am trying to decide what konnected unit to buy - I don’t have any other smart home bridge.


@f (Fernando) & @Jason,

i see. i thought you were a konnected employee. how about exposing the current development branch and allowing pull requests. maybe there are other konnected users that can help out and contribute code.

Hrmmm, the github repo is not public? It's always been public as far as I'm aware; users are more than willing to fork and submit pull requests.

@Kris Mason, good news I finally had some time this long weekend to get back into the code. Still behind some cognitive debt, but I'll likely have something by the end of the week!


Made some progress this past week in the evenings, still ironing out some of the scenarios based on what Konnected offers. I had it set up where you had to assign a switch to expose the Alarm Switch in the Home.app but after some fumbling around with the other scenarios, I realized that the Konnected plugin should essentially be an Alarm Switch in itself because of its inherent nature and should be exposed from the get-go without having to assign a switch.

Great Mike thank you for the update, Can I please ask how far from functional the plug in is? what can I currently do/not do (need to understand if this is wife friendly or not yet) :) I assume its still a work in progress for basic requirements?

My basic requirements (I think these are all)

- Alarm on / off
- Get notified if alarm has been tripped

Does this mean more than 1 panel would create more than 1 alarm?

@Kris Mason, both alarm on/off and alarm being tripped is apart of this next update.

@Jason, I have adjusted my previous comment to be more specific (but no, more panels won't create more alarms).

Hi all - just stumbled across Konnected so consider myself a novice. Just wondering if anyone is running the HomeBridge plugin on a Raspberry Pi? 


Yes. I'm using the homebridge plugin on the pi. It works great save for the following issues:

- If it loses internet the device gets new addresses for the each contact sensor which need to be updated in HomeKit. Sometimes I update my Unifi POE switch and it doesn't come back up until I reboot my homebridge. I can see the log that it is updating each contact sensor.

- When contact sensors close, it sometimes throws an error in the logs.

- No native alarm

Hi Mike

Am I right in saying that the current homebridge settings for arm/disarm switch are not usable? I’ve tried to setup Using a keyswitch and relay via my V2 panel and previous generation interface board with separate relay but having no luck.

@Dave, yes Homebridge is geared towards running on a Raspberry Pi. Check out the following documentation on how to set it up: https://github.com/homebridge/homebridge/wiki/Install-Homebridge-on-Raspbian

@Andy, I have created a support ticket for you to handle that outside of this thread.


I have great news! I'm in QA with the changes for the native HomeKit alarm component as we speak.
This took some dedicated personal time of mine, and there's been a lot of refactoring and improvements.

HOOBS also finally released v4 this past Tuesday and I have begun testing all of the changes made thus far in our plugin.

Let me get through that and I will post another update.

ETA for launch is later today or tomorrow.


// Mike