Help replacing GE CS375 with Konnected Pro

I received the new Konnected Pro being in the first order batch. Next morning i started to dismantle the old GE CS375. Using an online manual i started to translate and transfer the wires.

GE panel                          Konnected

EXT                                    external Sirene or flash lamp

INT                                     internal Sirene or flash

COM                                   Ground

Z1...Z10                            Zone 1... Zone 10

AUX+                                 Power positive

DATA                                 N/A is the keypad

Sofar i get it, but i don't understand there were 7 wires bundled together in port that GE calls R1 NO . The manual told me that this means Relay Normally Open. It doesn't make sense to me.

Looking on the quantity of the other wires and knowing i have mostly Motion Sensors and couple of door/window sensors i am guessing that the 7 wires should either go to Ground or Negative.

I decided to connect them to Ground, thinking that it wouldn't damage anything and give it a test. I saw that the red lights started to burn on the Motion sensors when someone passed them.

Next step: Integration Home assistant. Was easy enought. Just click and configure the ports.

But i coudn't see the status change in Home Assistant. I thought it was software issue.

After 1/2 hour the Konnected board went offline and the bluel light kept flashing. I have no means to debug it. Sometimes i came online again. Green light. Then went offline again.

What i am thinking about, please give your advise

i made an incorrect connection and the 7 wires need to go on Negative power. This mistake may create the Konnected board to panic and reboot ?

if i go ahead an connect them to Negative, could i damage the motion sensors?

One way to figure it aout is to disconnect everyting and start from scratch. Hope to avoid it.

Today i have disconnected all sensors to check if this is source of the problem.

But it doesn't. The same issue, Green light. After 10 sec Blue flashing. then again 10 sec Green.

Helpdesk is working on it

Hello Ronald,

Is it already working? And do you still have the resitors on the zones? 

Kind regards,

Thetmar Wiegers


No i later found out that the resistor creates different voltage levels that GE CS375 can handle but Konnected cannot. You have to remove any resistors that are in the IR detectors.

Detector                                     Konnected

-Minus or Zero                         -Minus or Zero

+12V                                            +12V

NC Alarm                                  Zone 1

Ground                                     Ground, you can also cross wire to Zero 

LED                                             Ground (optional)

yes it is been working since a year