Guidance for setting up Homekit via Homebridge/Hoobs

Are there any resources to help me understand how to setup my Konnected Alarm and Zones in Homekit via Homebridge/Hoobs?  

I feel like I am just poking around, shooting in the dark, with no clear understanding or guide.

I have been able to setup the zones, however, via Konnected plugin in the zones section.

Specific questions/issues:

Alarm tile in homekit just keeps spinning and either says arming or disarming

Alarm tile in HK only has a on and off toggle switch, no arming options, like illustrated

Do I need to install Config UI X plugin, as per the Konnected Plugin suggests?  I have done that, and nothing else seems to happen.

Please let me know if I am missing something obvious, as I have been searching all over for a clear walkthrough.

Thanks in advance!


Feel free to join the discord channel for help. It’s on the plugin readme

Any chance you can add the link for the discord channel here?  

Sure thing:

Thanks, Mike!