Integrating HomeKit sensors into konnected alarm via homebridge

Hello. Considering a konnected kit to update old alarm system which consists of 6 zone PIR and alarm sounders.
Already have a homebridge/kit setup. This has various door and motion sensors independent of the old alarm.
Question is can these homebridge sensors be integrated into the konnected alarm system?

Hi John,

I've been punching away at some code that will introduce a new feature for Konnected Alarm Panels on Homebridge/HomeKit.

This feature is called Virtual Zones. Virtual Zones would become a new set of zones in addition to the actual physical zones on the panels.

These Virtual Zones will present themselves as accessories in HomeKit and are meant to allow users to group them with other HomeKit accessories (sensors) as one sensor.
Essentially this solves your question, with the ability to use those other HomeKit accessories (HomeKit native or present from other Homebridge plugins) to trigger the Security System accessory in HomeKit.

There's no ETA, but I am prioritizing it quite high behind a couple other issues and support tasks.


// Mike 

+1 for this one! 

Let me know if you'd like me to test a beta - I have a bunch of zigbee-homebridge door and window sensors I'd like to trigger the Konnected alarm.


Hey Mike, any progress on this?


Noob here. Pro panel arriving tomorrow and was wondering the same and found this thread. Was this feature added? or is it still planned?