Konnected in HomeKit + Abode

Just ordered 2 Konnected Pro's. I have a new house where all the windows and doors have contacts wired in my network closet.

I'd like to use Konnected to bring these zones into HomeKit and then use the Abode gateway as the alarm along with it's wireless motion sensors since its all HomeKit compatible. Through automations, I could have Abode trigger the alarm through the HomePod + it's internal siren if any of my doors/windows are opened. 

Would this work or is Konnected going to bring it's own alarm trigger into HomeKit that I'd have to use? 

Hi Jason,

Apologies for responding so late to this forum post. (I will ask the Konnected team to provide permissions on our forum to get notifications on new forum posts)

I am unfamiliar with Abode, so I have no concept of how it operates in comparison to our traditional alarm system setups.

Does the Abode gateway have a way to wire signals from the Konnected panel to it to trigger the state of the alarm?

// Mike

It doesn't. I figured the Abode alarm would be present in HomeKit and I can set up the contact sensors that are exposed to HomeKit via your plugin to trigger the alarm.

I've decided to pass on attempting that route in hopes that the home bridge plugin will be updated to support a native alarm. 

Hey Jason,

Yes I'm working on that as we speak. Taken me a little while to work around some of the different scenarios and the logic required for all of them. Alarm systems can be quite complex. Keep on the lookout and follow the https://help.konnected.io/support/discussions/forums/32000043024 forum channel to keep up to date.


// Mike