Homebridge Configuration Settings for Integration Kit with Bosch System 3000 Alarm / HomeKit

Hello All, 

I think I've done my fair share of homework after purchasing an Integration kit.  

I've done a full wiring diagram to sort out where things need to go on my Bosch System 3000 Alarm panel, successfully done all the changes required to program the output and zones to act as key switches, but I'm not seeing the settings I need in the Homebridge plugin that allow for the final pieces to fall into place.  This is the part I thought would be the most straight forward, given that support has warned me that some people find the previous steps difficult (particularly the programming of the key switch). 

What I've done:

  • Wiring sensors and power is no issue
  • Programming a zone on the Bosch alarm to be a keyswitch which activates/deactivates the alarm also no issue
  • Likewise, programming an output on the Bosch board to signal that the system has been armed from the keypad is no issue. 

What I can't see is what settings within homebridge would need to be set in order to trigger the relay to trigger the keyswitch on the Bosch board when the system is armed, and conversely, what settings in homebridge would monitor a zone to know when the status of the alarm has changed from unarmed to armed via the Output? In homebridge the settings screen allows for the selection of zones 1-6, but there isn't a clear selection for a mode or trigger that would activate the relay when the system is armed from homekit. What am I missing?

Thank you!


You would need to create a HomeKit automation to change the switch value for the zone assigned as the key-switch, based on the state of the alarm.


I am in the same boat. 

I can understand that an automation is required based on a sensor state to set status (i.e. 1 = alarm set, so automation sets konnected alarm state to 'armed') but how do we trigger the relay on the interface board to trigger the arming/dis-arming?

You have to set one of your zones as a momentary switch.