Programming a latch switch

I was wondering how one would program a latch switch in the Homebridge plugin?

I want to arm and disarm the legacy alarm via a key switch whenever the Homebridge 'konneced' alarm is armed or disarmed in HomeKit. I've configured my old alarm's keyswitch to be a toggle/latch so that when the zone is open the alarm arms and when it's closed (3k3 ohms) the alarm disarms. I'd prefer this to a momentary switch because we can more easily keep the state in sync.

Hoping you can help :D


I am consciously only using the legacy alarm system as I want to keep being able to use all legacy functions, panels etc. I use the interface kit to monitor the status of the legacy alarm kit and I use the Konnected system relay to trigger a “keyswitch zone” on the legacy alarm kit. I therefore never use the Konnected alarm/arming modes.

The out1 on the Konnected Pro panel is physically going to that keyswitch zone on my legacy alarm system. The homebridge config for the relay is as follows Triggering that out1 is a tile in HomeKit (going to HomeBridge who then talks to Konnected).

I then use an output on my legacy alarm system to show armed status that feeds as input to a zone on Konnected Alarm panel Pro. The feedback of that zone in HomeBridge is then the confirmation that a trigger worked and what the current state of the alarm is.

                            "enabled": true,
                            "zoneNumber": "out1",
                            "zoneType": "switch",
                            "zoneLocation": "Switch on Alarm away"

Thanks Yannick, that all makes sense and I have mine configured the same way.

I went one step further and added a couple of automations that go: When the Konnected alarm (the one in HomeKit) arms, turn the key switch on also (otherwise it's a noop), and when the Konnected alarm disarms, turn the key switch off.

It turns out that if a switch isn't configured with a duration it just latches anyway which is what I want. Now when I slide the alarm switch on and off in HomeKit the legacy alarm arms and disarms. I'll add a further two automations that watch for the 'armed' state from the traditional alarm and when it arms or disarms, I'll get it to arm or disarm the 'Konnected Alarm' so it's a two way binding.