Is there any difference in functionality when using the Konnected Interface kit with legacy alarm panel?

I am considering using the Konnected Interface kit to install the Konnected alarm in parallel with my existing DSC PC1864 system.  Is the Homebridge/HOOBS plugin fully compatible with that configuration or do certain features only work when using the Konnected alarm panel natively.  

For example, will I be able to use the HomeKit interface to arm/disarm in various modes (i.e. Away/Stay/Night)?  My understanding from he installation videos is that the interface kit requires setting up a relay switch and programmable outputs to handle setting alarm state and monitoring armed status.  Is that approach compatible with the way this plug-in and HomeKit handle arming/disarming?


Regardless of the connecting platform (Homebridge, Home Assistant, Hubitat, SmartThings, etc.), interfacing Konnected to a traditional alarm is not 100% 1-for-1 in capability on most traditional alarm systems to the controlling platforms (HomeKit, Google Assistant, Alexa).

Yes, you can bi-directionally arm and disarm your alarm system. However, that is only for those modes!

The night and home/stay modes are hit or miss (mostly), depending on the alarm system capability with the keyswitch zones, but in most cases you can't set those from HomeKit, GA, or Alexa and have your traditional alarm system set those modes.

That doesn't mean that the traditional alarm system can't have those modes set – they can! BUT, it has to be done at the traditional alarm system's keypads -- AND, they won't reflect as those modes back in HomeKit, GA, or Alexa's interfaces in most cases and with your specific alarm (which is the exact model I have in fact).

If you are looking to have those two special alarm modes in your setup, I would highly recommend considering ditching the DSC traditional system altogether as those modes ARE available on a just-Konnected setup with no traditional alarm system.

My family were very resistant to moving away from the old traditional way of doing alarm systems with the keypad and it took some convincing to get them to change their mind about going completely mobile. I ripped out the old DSC control board and had an empty alarm box with all of the wires hanging out of that from all of the sensors around the house. I got the Konnected backup battery and hooked up all the wires to each of the zones directly on my Konnected Pro Alarm Panel board. Now, over a year in using just the Konnected Alarm Panel to monitor our security system, everyone can't imagine going back to the antiquated ways of having a keypad to disarm/arm the alarm.