Will Konnected INTERFACE work for what I'm trying to do?

I have an existing DSC alarm system with 3 door sensors, 2 motion sensors, and 3 basement window sensors hooked up.  I've attached a photo of the alarm panel.  It looks to be an 8-zone system. 

I want to integrate the existing system into SmartThings so I can:

1) Turn the wired sensors into devices in ST so I can use them for routines and as triggers;

2) Keep the operation of the existing alarm system intact (meaning, my wife and kids can still use the current keypad to arm & disarm the system by code.)

3) Utilize SmartThings' Smart Home Monitor feature so I can arm & disarm the existing system based on routines/rules/occupancy/geofencing, etc. within ST.  

4) Keep the off-site monitoring service for now but have the option to self-monitor in the future using SmartThings.

Based on the above requirements and the 8-zone system I currently have, am I able to achieve all that with the Konnected INTERFACE?  I've watched your video on YouTube on how to hook the INTERFACE up to a DSC system, but it seems to me you need to use a zone in order to arm & disarm the system using a virtual toggle switch in ST.  If all 8 zones of my system is currently utilized, does that mean I can't remote arm & disarm the system with ST?  

Looking for some advice before I buy the INTERFACE.  Thank you!

 Did you ever get a response on this? I have a similar question and would like to know exactly what the INTERFACE panel will do with my system (Bosch Solution 880) but am having trouble finding anything concrete about it.

After looking into the Konnected Interface and comparing it with the Envisalink 4 card, it became clear to me that the Envisalink would give me all the features I wanted (the 4 main ones in my post) and it would be a much easier install (only need to hook up 4 wires to my existing DSC alarm panel), and no need to program the alarm to add arm/disarm status (via PGM) nor using additional zones to add ability to arm & disarm the system.  All that is built into the Envisalink board.  Cost wise both were similar.  So the deciding factor for me was the ease of installation.