Help with new install.

I have a fresh install and need a little help.  I recently got a couple of older Konnected boards from a friend and am trying to get a new setup online with new boards, new to HomeBridge, new to the Konnected plugin.

Here is the list that I have done:

  • Reset boards, got them joined to WiFi (reserved/pinned the IP on my WiFi system)
  • Got new Raspberry Pi going (reserved/pinned the IP on my WiFi system)
  • Install HomeBridge and UI and seem to bounce around it okay
  • Installed homebridge-konnected plugin v0.1.2
  • It scanned my network and detected my board (only one online right steps)
  • I ran through the GUI to do a single zone config with contact sensor for my front door.
Am I supposed to see this new zone in the accessories tab in the HomeBridge UI?  I don't see any accessories in the config, in the cachedAccessories file, etc.

I am seeing pin 1 on the Konnected board status page change state when the door/contact sensor is opened/closed but I am not sure how to tell if my Konnected board knows to report state changes to the HomeBridge plugin.

Any thoughts would be helpful.

Guys I was able to get this working.  Turns out my boards had old firmware on then, 2.2.0 I believe.  I used the updater tool to get them flashed and my zones/accessories started working as intended.

May want to add a pre-req to the documentation if the newer 2.3.x firmware is required for the HomeBridge integration.

Thanks Todd,

Will do! Thank you.


// Mike