Glass Break Sensor not trigering Konnected

Hi Everyone. I Just installed a 24 zone Konnected conversion kit. All works well excepth my glass sensors. They are 4 wire and hooked to a seperate power suppply. When I shake a glass jar with coind the LED on the sensor does light up. When I unhook the data wires it does trigger the Konnected alarm. They are a Sentrol Shatterpro II sensors. Any help is approiciated.


The glass-break sensor light blinks when you clap your hands or it hears a loud sound, but that doesn’t mean it alarms. Usually (and this depends on the brand) the alarm will be indicated by a red light that stays on for several seconds. The quick flash of the light is to let you know that the sensor is working and hears sound.

To make it alarm, you need a little more than a clap or a shake. You need a loud thud or bang sound followed by the sound of glass breaking. The best way I’ve found to reproduce this is to bang your hand or fist against the wall or slam a door while shaking a glass jar full of coins at the same time.

Let us know if this works!