Glass Break what 'type' of sensor

In setting up my 'glass break' sensors how would these be characterized??  Choices appear to be 'contact on/off" and motion??

How are people setting these up?

I have the same question. 

I am setting up the Konnected panel to use with Home Assistant. I have 6 windows and two door sensors working great. I just wired in the glass break sensor (red/black to Aux+/Aux-, green/white to Zone 5/G).

I need to declare the glass break sensor in my configuration.yaml file in Home Assistant, but I do not know what 'type' is appropriate. None of these binary sensor types supported by Home Assistant seems to fit with the concept of a glass break sensor. Which type have other folks successfully used?

Has anyone found the answer to this?

 If I'm not mistaken, I believe the glass break sensors are treated as 'motion' sensors.  I'm sure that's how Nate instructed us to do it with SmartThings, and I'm fairly certain HassIO treats them similarly.   I guess I'll find out for sure, as I'm getting ready to add mine into Home Assistant shortly.

didn't work for me. i tried banging on the windows that i know have a glassbreak detector. no luck

Best Features to Look for in a Glass Break Sensor

Microphone with microprocessor

Together, these features analyze the frequency, intensity and timing of glass breaking sounds. They’re able to detect the sounds at a heightened level and can even detect softer glass breaking sounds. These types of glass break sensors have minimal false alarms.

Clear indicators

glass break sensor should clearly alert you when the sensor has been tampered with or when it has a low battery. Look for glass break sensors that show an LED light, sound a high-decibel alarm or send a mobile notification to alert you to check the status of the sensor

Sensitivity settings

The best glass break sensors allow you to adjust the sensitivity to prevent false alarms. Some allow you to select from one of the built-in preset options to determine whether or not the sensor detects the softest glass breaking or more loud and intense shattering. For the best range or options, look for sensors that have at least four settings. Read More 

In Home Assistant the Glass Break sensors should be setup as a binary sensor, then under binary sensor type they should be listed as 'vibration'.