Two Motion Sensors and One GlassBreak sensor connected to One 4-wire Connection

I am not having any success getting my two wired motion sensors and my glassbreak device to work at all.

This is the legacy alarm panel scenario:

- Napco Genesis P816

- There is only one 4-wire cable coming out of the wall into the alarm panel.  I'm assuming this is because both motion sensors and the glassbreak sensor are connected somewhere else behind the wall.

- On the P816 panel, the red wire is connected to the positive "Fire Pwr" connection, which carries 12.5vdc.  The black wire is connected to the negative "Aux Pwr" connection.  The green wire is connected to the negative Zone 7 connection and the yellow wire is connected to the positive Zone 8 connection (that seems a little odd, but maybe it's because they are all looped together?)

- On the Konnected device, I tried connecting the Red wire to the positive AUX terminal and I connected the Black wire to the negative AUX terminal.  I connected the Green wire to the "1" terminal and the yellow wire to the "G" terminal next to the "1" terminal. 

When I go check on any of these sensors, they are not showing any motion (via the red LED on the device when motion is detected or when keys rattled to simulate glass breaking).

Please tell me there's some configuration that can help me get these working.  I've resigned to the fact that I may have to treat them as "1 sensor" or zone operating together and that I may not get a notification telling me which sensor was triggered, but I'm ok with that if I can get this to work.  Please, can anyone help?