Getting Started - What to buy

Hello all.  I am starting my journey into a smart home, and have been reading quite a bit on this forum.   Thank you for all the answers and support.

We are building a new house, about to close in 60 days.  I am budgeting $1500 for smart home technology, and am looking to get started with Konnected and Home Assistant.  I currently own a number of Google Home products (Mini, Home, Hub, Chromecast) and a Philips Hue system, but need to purchase stuff for the new house.

My current wishlist is this:  Konnected panels, Ecobee thermostat, Fire tablets (with mounts),  outside cameras, Ring doorbell, some type of smart plugs, motorized blinds...

What would YOU buy if you had the budget to do so?  What are some other things I should be considering?

Thanks in advance...

Hi Scott - maybe I am overzealous about security, but since you are building new -- if the sheet rock isn't up yet, I would still opt for hard-wired sensors in a new house. Mine have been working great since 2001, and I don't have to fuss with battery changes for any of them. Today they can be easily connected w/ Konnected & your-hub-of-choice, so you can bypass the expensive home automation solutions of the past.

The other random thing:  modern vinyl windows are typically a glass "cartridge" inside of a window frame. If the glass should be broken or develops a haze between panels, most can replace the glass cartridge, leaving your frame w/ hard-wired sensor intact. Milgard Windows definitely use the cartridge approach, but I would check w/ the window manufacturer if you consider going the hard-wired sensor route.