System Design for tilt & turn window sensors

I have a new build home in progress with Internorm (European style tilt & turn) windows with sensors integrated. I would like to monitor the status of the windows and doors for automation - so blinds don’t come down if a window is tilted, for example.
I am very good at networks, but new to sensors and alarm tech.

  • The windows and doors have 6 wires; brown, black and four white
  • sliding doors have 4 white wires
  • all wires seem to be 26 awg (.14mm)
  • There are 28 windows and doors

What do I do now?

  1. It feels like could be central to a solution, but its unclear what I need to buy (newbie).
  2. Subpane? Its a lot of wires and a large house. The wiring closet is at one end; can I have a “sub panel” in a remote wiring closet to avoid running wires a bunch of wires the entire length of the house.
  3. wiring: (embarrassing) The windows come with a 6m (18ft) cable for the sensors. How do I extend that cable back to the wiring closet? I have read that using cat6 is not recommended, but finding 6 core alarm cable seems uncommon (vs 22/4). And the wire connection … found butt connectors … but also the soderless heat shrink looks more reliable; but most only do 22 awg and not the 26 awg I have on my windows.