[Solved] Replaced Windows. Now sensors need to be re-installed

Hey everyone, we just had all of our windows replaced and now the window sensors need to be reinstalled.

I have a couple of issues I’m facing and looking for guidance on. The original windows were cheap builder grade windows with thin frames. The sensors were pretty much flush mounted on the wall with no visible wire, but the new windows are much thicker frames.

What’s the best way to install the sensors on the new windows? The window installer suggested contacting my alarm company, but since I use Konnected I’m not sure where to go LOL.

For the sensors with enough slack to accommodate the thicker frames, is there a better way to mount the sensors without a bunch of wire showing?

I have a sensor that is intact, but there is barely enough slack to possibly remount. If I need to make the wire run longer, what’s the best method to splice in new wire (also aesthetically pleasing?)

What’s the best type of wired sensor to replace my existing sensors with? I plan to use this opportunity to update sensors.


This shows the original sensor installation. Kinda hard to see but you can zoom in on either side and see the sensors.

This shows a sensor that was cut, but with enough slack to accommodate
reinstalling on the thicker frame. What’s the best way to reinstall this without it looking terrible?

Here’s a sensor that wasn’t cut but I think there is barely enough slack to reinstall on the new window frame.

For the new sensors, this is what you want:

They’re tiny and white and will blend in nicely.

As far as installing them cleanly, well that’s going to be a bit tricky. It’s too bad that the window installer didn’t install them into the window frame, which would have been the cleanest option, but too late now I suppose.

Are the window frames wood? If so, you could try carving out a thin channel to hide the wire, then once the new sensor is installed smooth it over with some drywall repair putty or window sealing caulk.

If carving out a channel is not possible, maybe try some white Sugru to adhere and hide the wires against the surface of the frame. It’s pretty cool stuff. You can also use that stuff to repair the wires if you need to “do surgery” to extend them a tiny bit.

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